DreamForum II.v12.1-DM600PVR Enigma2

  • If you cannot connect even from the pc - I can not say what the problem is. Sorry ! :(

    I can download from the dreambox ok .

    It also seems to work with others.
    Cheers, pcd.

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  • Hi pcd,

    Thank you for your reply.
    I can connect from th pc.
    All is ok except addon-manager .....
    Somme others members have the same proble (rugal,...)
    Thanks again

    DM600 pvr
    Gemini 4.6 flash
    B.A. 5.0.17 DFII v 12.1 (multiboot)

  • If you can connect from the pc - please use Manual install for now.

    Cheers, pcd.

  • Hi pcd,

    I'm now using your image for 2 days .. Everything works fine except :

    1) Downloading plugins using addon manager is still not working "Using PC to download then manual install for now"

    2) Some plugins don't install right:
    --> CCcam Info v1.3 "Installed but can't see it in plugins page"
    --> skintransp_0.4.1 when trying to install dreambox simply stuck and need power off and on "restart" >> is this plugin for skin transparency?

    3) When changing between channels using remote arrows > sometimes the channel will be black with only sound playing!!

    4) There is little sound delay in scrambled channels "Like NOVA, ART ...etc"

    Continue your great work ...

  • Hello pcd
    Thanks again.
    I did of course manually...but ...it's not really the purpose....
    (with gemini no probl since a long time)

    DM600 pvr
    Gemini 4.6 flash
    B.A. 5.0.17 DFII v 12.1 (multiboot)

  • Hello pcd

    I'm using your image for several days now an it works actually quite nice even with the suomipoeka-plugin.
    I wondered if there is a way to integrate Scam instead of Evocamd or CCcam, have been trying some versions, but no luck, it won't show up in the Softcam-menu.

    any idea?


  • Ok, I managed it myself installing Scam Emu

    for those who are interested:

    (see attachment)

    copy emu "scam357.ppc" to /usr/bin/cam, rights 755

    copy script "scam367.sh" to /usr/script/cam, rights 755

    voilà, you're done... choose your emu in the menu

  • I'm running the image in the flash, works ok.

    But I need the webinterface, so I had to use the "Increase available memory"-feature and install some software packages first for running it.

    Problem now: HDD Drive is always running!

    Any possibility to prevent this? (I don't need any other extensions, only the webinterface)


  • It should only run very rarely. I will check.

    Do you have the webinterface open in the pc browser all the time ?

  • Quote

    Do you have the webinterface open in the pc browser all the time ?

    Yes, that was the problem! The hdd stopped running shortly after I've closed my browser, quite simple actually :rolleyes:. Thanks for quick advice, now it's perfect!


  • Hello pcd

    I'm quite impressed, this E2-image in flash is working surprisingly good on my little DM600, no major flaws, watching TV and recording is working very well. Any other image had some really bad errors, so I had to put up with E1 in the end. This is the first time I'm staying with E2 on Dm600. Congrats! Keep on the good work!

    regards :484:

  • Hello pcd,

    I installed your image on my DM600 DVB-C, but from time to time I' ve no sound after switching the channel.
    And the sound is delayed in many cases.

    I switched back to E1, I just want to inform you about the problem.

  • Quote

    hans753: from time to time I' ve no sound after switching the channel

    In theses cases just press "Audio" an then "OK" on your remote, sound will be back again.

  • Hi,

    this is the first time I tried Enigma 2 - and I am absolutely impressed! After years of Enigma 1 this looks much nicer and offers much more.
    Only (as others) I have the internet connection error. I cannot access the DreamBox via Webinterface. Also the self test indicates, that there is no local network cable attached (but it got an IP-address via DHCP.... how should this work...).
    Via telnet I can log on though. Really strange!
    The DreamBox is connected via a ~1m network cable with my FritzBox. With Enigma 1 no problem.
    As I often use the WebIF from remote, I have to switch back to Enigma 1 :-(
    But if this gets fixed - it will be an great alternative!

    I did additional research: I can connect via DCC, but not via DreamBoxEdit....

    Thanks again!

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  • Strange. Connecting via webinterface should be ok.

    But I have never been able to stream to pc with webinterface. This can be done easily with telnet. :)

    Settings program need special config for enigma2.

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • Hi,

    ...maybe, as I am new to Enigma 2, I used the wrong URL for the WebIF? I tried it with the same URL as for the Enigma 1 WebIF (the IP address). Correct? I could not find such basic info in the board (I am sure it is somewhere, but I got either hundreds of hits or none...).


  • It's the same URL for the WebIF as in E1.

    Did you install the WebIF? In this image, you have to install it by yourself...

  • Hi all

    the Domain updownload.nu seems completely out of DNS. So downloading addons doesnt work :-(

    Any help available?

  • hmmm...yesterday I could reach the server... seems that sometimes the server had some hick-ups...!
    try again please!

    Kein Support via PM und eMail!!