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    Thanx pcd,

    Since your image is great and only lacking time-shift.. Is it possible to take time-shift from newnigma2 team? it was working in the images before if I'm not mistaken ...

    Continue your great work ... Downloading modified image ;)

    Thanks pcd, you're the master of DM600 Enigma2 ..

    But, last Image bugs still exists!!

    --> No Time-Shift! "At least since it's not working reassign the button to something else!"

    How not working? No crash log, as simply the dreambox goes in endless processing "The animated busy icon"

    --> The Skins are still not all fixed

    Tested with Image installed in flash.

    Thanks pcd,

    Bugs "I installed the image on flash now - I like it" and still:
    - No timeshift recording "Yellow button show pause but don't record!", repressing pause shows only black screen
    - Skin Transparent plugin in server -> not working at all

    Otherwise OK

    I meant that I installed xline2 skin from the addon server > changed from default skin that come with the image to xline 2 ;) - Went to change AV settings -> Crash "I think that is due to fact that AV settings window is changed compared to old image which old skin don't support"

    ? Bug:
    - "Image installed in HD with BA" Press Yellow button "TimeShift" make the dreambox busy with no respond...

    Skins related Bugs:
    - Tested changing skin from server then whenever I go for AV options - Image crash and restart enigma2...

    Hope this help for better development...

    WOW this the best eingma2 image I tested :hurra: ...

    No sound loss or lag or delay or whatever > It work just great ...

    The server is 100% working " Yay this something I dreamed of "...

    what this image lack is "from my side":
    - MediaCenter "Play movies as in enigma 1 but I can live without it :tongue:"
    - Skin Transperancy "Installed the Addon on but nothing showup!!"

    You images are great pcd so why you just make a logo for your image. "PCD" letters are great by the way and reflect the creator :tongue: same as GP for geminiProject ;)

    Continue your great work...

    Hi pcd,

    I'm now using your image for 2 days .. Everything works fine except :

    1) Downloading plugins using addon manager is still not working "Using PC to download then manual install for now"

    2) Some plugins don't install right:
    --> CCcam Info v1.3 "Installed but can't see it in plugins page"
    --> skintransp_0.4.1 when trying to install dreambox simply stuck and need power off and on "restart" >> is this plugin for skin transparency?

    3) When changing between channels using remote arrows > sometimes the channel will be black with only sound playing!!

    4) There is little sound delay in scrambled channels "Like NOVA, ART ...etc"

    Continue your great work ...

    Just test it > As expected it's also same result ...

    I guess I'm not lucky enough to use your image, I'll keep looking here - in case you change the plugins server...

    A miracle happened .. now the server can be accessed by PC..

    BUT > I get the the same error using DFII panel ..

    The strange thing is when I go the plugins menu then download plugin the list will show this time and download OK ...

    Yet it's no use if I can't download using panel!!!


    Originally posted by pcd

    We don't have any mirror. I will ask tunhj1 about these problems - he owns the server - but he is away.

    If you want any particular .ipk - I can post it here. :)

    I even tried with proxy > still not found!!

    I'm interested in CCcam and Skins "By the way is there skin with transparency in E2?"

    Well yes ...

    I even reinstalled the image into flash "without BA" and still the same"Internet connection error"

    When testing the network all pass except for local network 'Is this normal?" but what is strange I can access my dm600 through ftp!!

    And how I can test the server that this image use > What the address?

    Hi pcd,

    I did test your beta image and give you the same feedback here:
    DreamForum II.v12.0-DM600PVR Enigma2

    and you did give replay that everything is working your side...

    I'm not here to say newnigma is better or something like that > I just wanted to mention there is problem with connection setup "I think" in your image "Not only me > There are some other users that posted the same problem in this forum section"

    And my flash image is the newest with the latest version of BA installed .


    I installed it using BA and again > internet connection error!!!

    It's not from my side as I have test the last newnigma2 and internet are OK! ..

    So this happens because I installed the image to HDD using BA or it has nothing to do with it?

    If so, does this image has the regular problem in E2 with DM600? I mean zapping seems to be a little bit slow, and sometimes lose/delay sound or have black screen on zap?

    Thanks ...