2sub 2lang 2006-07-20, V0.71 Dm7025

  • Hi!.

    Gruffy has done it again:

    2SUB 2LANG 2006-07-20, V0.71
    This is a brand new release of the subtitle plugin for DM7025. For the first time it handles BOTH Teletext subtitles as well as DVB Subtitles. Some minor and small tweaks has also gone into this release, but the major change is the support for DVB Subtitles.

    There are however some things to know when using this version:
    - Recordings...it seems like the Enigma2 does not handle to record the DVB Subtitles yet, so channels with DVB Subs will loose this after a recording. Sorry...cannot do anything about this yet. Teletext seems to be recorded just fine however.

    - C MORE HD on 1West: This channel seems to "announce" the presence of DVB Subtitles, but when 2SUB tries to filter data on the PID for DVB Subtitle no data ever arrives. So, as I see it, this channel does not transmitt DVB Subs yet, at least not what I have seen.

    - Settings: Note that NONE of the positioning, font selections, colors settings etc apply for DVB Subtitles. All data is sent as "bitmaps" that 2SUB just blits out when they should come. So, the settings are used when decoding Teletext subtitles only.

    - New setting: You can select if 2SUB should use DVB or Teletext subs as a preference. This is useful when watching for example C MORE HD. Select "TXT->DVB" to have 2SUB to use Teletext prefered to DVB and you will get subtitles on this channel as the Teletext subs seems to work.

    Lastly...thanks to my patient BETA crew for putting up with many "strange" releases before we go public!


    On behalf of /Gruffy, Gaj1

  • Neice Gaj1 ;)

    And here is tarballs to Gemini2 1.70

  • I want to watch CZECH SUBTITLES on National Geographics (UPC Direct) but accented characters are not displayed correctly.
    Any ideas how to solve that?

  • I think that czech characters should be diplayed correctly : "All data is sent as "bitmaps" that 2SUB just blits out when they should come." ?? So I have to read normativ about DVB subtitles ?(

  • That particullar channel is transmitting TXT subtitles (not DVB subtitles) so the accented characters are rendered to the screen. I am sure it is a problem of 2SUB...