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    Original von izibizi
    well, not quite.

    every channel that has more than one audio feed have its name and every provider calls it differently and if i want to have the original audio automatically i have to set it. in dm500 and 7020 i used the config setting like this english#englisch#ORY#dos#audio_orj#qaa#org

    i would like to have a similar way in dm800.


    Well, I set it up once manually, even the difficult ones we have with right/left mono and so on. Even the subtitle settings done this way. Then I saved my settings, also channels and so on, with openDBedit 3.0.6!.
    After flashing I load my settings ower with same programme and all are working again. No more manual setup :).


    Sorry for answering in English ;).

    Try this one in your Box, made by dr pentium.
    Should cover all nown freq. for DVB-T.
    I think you now how to find your freq. and make a scan on that :).



    Original von tipo874
    I just upgraded to 3.0 and just noticed that 2sub 2lang no longer works. Appears to be some library mismatch.

    Is any work being done to fix this?


    One of those here, should work:

    2SUB / 2LANG 2.07.12 release

    For latest Gemini 7025 image use OE 1.5 version.


    1. Could it be a chmod issue?. Also maybe your startup line or init file for gSUB needs an update?. Look in the README file for how.

    2. It seems that tunhj1 in his tar.bz2 file has some wrong files included, sadly. Try and manually install the files from the attached zip file in 1. post.

    Happy testing!.


    Gruffy made an updated version of gSUB!.

    README.txt is in zip file.

    Release notes

    - Added a feature to the 2SUB python plugin. It will restart 2SUB if it is not running, not
    only at startup, but on all channel changes etc.
    - Ported back to gSUB as well!!! :-D


    On behalf of Gruffy: Gaj1


    Original von slovenija
    Hat schon jemand die neuen Picons für TV SLO 1 und 2?

    Haben gestern das Logo geändert!


    Hier ist der neue logoes fur diese kanalen.

    Danke an Polar Bear fur die picons ;).



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    • SLO-TV1.png

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    Original von Nemesis_

    I have just finished a skin for clean CVS images that i will post at the DMM & BoxMan boards tomorrow ;)

    Best regards

    As always, your Skns are wonderfull. Looking forward to the clean CVS version ;).

    Hi All.

    2SUB/2LANG 2.05
    This release has had a focus on fixing varoius issues where 2SUB has been crashing or not behaving as expected. Much improvments on the DVB Subtitles has been added and it is now working pretty good.

    NOTE: There is still some issues with "lost" lines for DVB Subtitles and as far as I have tracked these down it has to do with how the PES filters are buffered in the DMM driver. I am digging into this and hopefully a solution to this will be found some day...

    Special credits to my good friend WeeGull who has helped me convert the 2LANG code to use the new Enigma2 settings structure. Good work mate!

    Another special credits to Gaj1, who always seem to put up with many many many releases from me...when will he get tired of testing for me??? I hope never...

    All the best and I hope it is working OK for you!

    From the RELEASE notes:

    2006-12-19 - 2.05
    - Reworked how DVB Subtitles are decoded. Now works much better...but still some issues that I currently think is a driver issue...time will tell!

    2006-12-19 - 2.04
    - Fixed bug where text could be drawn outside the screen.
    - Fixed bug with SecondaryLanguage, the GUI generated wrong stuff into the config file and this most likely ended up in 2SUB to select English as SecondaryLanguage.
    - Improved DVB Subtitles, changed the MAX-STAY handling.
    - Added OSD Messages feature, select in GUI to show some info in the top when 2SUB finds some subtitles. This is mostly for debugging.
    - Added Framebuffer mutex lock to prevent crash in multithreading environments.
    - Corrected bugs in 2LANG with newer CVS-images (thanks WeeGull).
    - Now generated with newer version of BOUML...great tool! []

    On behalf of Gruffy: Gaj1


    Original von tango110
    I did try so put my channel and my bouquets list via dreambox edit v2.01 but i only se the name of the bouquets and there is no channels at alli the bouquets, or my sattelite channels so no channels at all, so i have to do a full rescan other having there problems?


    Try and read this thread, maybe that can help you:

    Gimini 1.9 & Dreambox-edit !!


    Original von Xetec
    Mike I gived allready instructions about this in forum: satellites.xml gives the problem.

    bug 1.9 settinglist doesn't work


    Is it this version you use?:

    New in version 2.01.00:

    - terrestrial.xml and cables.xml are now retreived from and sent to the Dreambox just like the satellites.xml
    - Fixed error with "Copy & Edit service" option, where the new service was always saved as cable service


    You can do this in Dreamboxedit:

    How to reload the settings on newer 7025 Images (28.oct2006):
    DreamBoxEdit uses a "killall enigma2" command to force a 7025 to reload it's settings. In newer images however, this doesn't work anymore. The command should now be: "killall -9 enigma2".
    You can easily configure DreamBoxEdit to use the new command:
    - in DreamBoxEdit choose options and click the FTP tab
    - below "User configurable Telnet command" enter the following: killall -9 enigma2
    - click 'Save'
    - if you now go to the normal FTP screen you'll see there is now an extra button: "Send custom Telnet command".
    Use this button to force the reload of the settings on newer 7025 images (instead of the Reload Settings on Dreambox" button).

    Enjoy ;).


    Original von ws79
    Hi, I have translated original CVS POT file into czech. Is there any special POT file for Gemini2 with BP functions etc.?


    Nice of you to make that. Its great to see new Languages in enigma2 Images.

    PS: You got PM ;).


    A new version of 2SUB&2LANG (subtitles for the DM7025) has been released, namely version 2.03. Why the jump from 0.78 to 2.03? Well, all code is rewritten from scratch and hopefully this is far better. Among the new things is the ability for you guys to add extra (new) languages directly into 2SUB by editing the new file "2SUB.translation". Check the README for all details on how this works!

    Also, check the README for version history and how to install it!
    Good luck and hope it works for you!

    On behalf: Gaj1