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    I've just upgraded to the newest v3.0 but I have a serious problem with WSS signalling from the Dreambox - my plasma keeps switching from WIDE to FULL back and forth all the time except of a real full 16:9 channels where it stays on FULL.
    With the previous version of Gemini (not sure what version I had before) I haven't experienced any problems regarding WSS signalling.

    Any ideas how to solve this problem? Thanx a lot.

    I don't think this feature should be implemented by DMM as all the locales are made by developers outside of DMM (and it works how it's supposed to work with these locales).
    BTW I have seen many threads regarding this topic but no developers have ever answered. Can you please answer Gemini team to finally get some light into this neverending problem?
    Thanx a lot.

    I am using Gemini2 1.70 on my 7025. My box always displays hungarian EPG instead of my native slovak EPG (UPC direct packet). Is there a way to change that in Gemini (config, whatever...)?

    Thank you for any ideas.