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  • Hi,

    Let me inform You that I've finished first version of plugin that downloads movie subtitles (based on movie hash sum) from suitable subtitle servers.

    You can download program from:

    Current version features:
    -basic file browser,
    - Open Subtitle and Napi Projekt servers handling,

    Final plugin description is placed in TODO.

    Because this is my first program which will be used by big amount of users please let me know about errors. I'll try to eliminate them ASAP.

    In few days I'll add plugin full manual in project's wiki.

  • The bug was noticed to me.

    Plugin requires python-zlib to work correctly.

    Please do it manually. I'll correct this error ASAP and notice You about this.

  • Yesterday I attached latest plugin version on GOOGLE CODE.

    I removed error which caused problems with missing modules.

    I tested plugin on 4 different images (details on project main page), and it works.

    Have a fun with it

  • Hello,

    I've just released next plugin version.

    What is new?


    ver. 0.12.6:
    - enable/disable media pastern filter,
    - enable/disable last FileList path save,
    - left/right key = page up/down both in FileList and SubsList,
    - extended MMI (communication errors and other are described as MessageBox)

  • Hi,

    After some break I've just released next plugin version.

    What is new:

    You can download plugin from project site.

    I want to implement MOV handling but I can't find a way to get FPS from this kind of files.
    If someone knows how to do it (or know here it's placed in file structure) please give me advice via project email.

  • Hi,

    I released new plugin version (available on project Google Code page).

    What is new:


    ver 0.16.2:
    - two different Subs Dowanloader avaliable:
    Subs Downloader (without libmediainfo) - support for RIFF and MKV videofiles)
    after upgrade ( installation) Subs Downloader (with libmediainfo) (support for any movies),
    - mov, mp4 and any other supported by Enigma2 movies Frame Per Second indicator detection avaliable,
    - config menu display fix.

    Now plugin is available in 2 modes:
    - Basic is without libmediainfo support and in this mode it supports RIFF and MKV video file
    -alter libmediainfo and libzen installation (You can download it from project site) SubsDownloader prapobly supports any played by Enigma2 video file.

  • hei hei,....

    eigentlich interessiert mich dieses plugin sehr,.... hat das wohl jemand instal-
    liert und hat eine kurze deutsche erklärung parat :face_with_rolling_eyes:

    sagen wir mal als beispiel habe ich einen chinesischen film, den ich über die
    8000er abspiele, wie auch immer (stream, usb, ext. hdd ....),.... und möchte
    mir dort gerne den dt. untertitel anzeigen lassen,...

    wie funzt das,... oder denke ich da in eine ganz falsche richtung ???

    grüsse aus norge

    luigi13 :401:

  • Hello,

    Let me inform You that I've released next plugin version.

    What's new:

    As always plugin is available on Google Code project site.

    Have a fun.

  • Please send here an information (in english) what is situation that makes greenscreen.
    It helps me in root cause detection.

  • hei hei,...

    @silesis,... Bin4ry describes it exactely the way it is :loudly_crying_face:

    i do not really understand the plugin,... for exampel: how would i proceed
    if i would download a german movie and then the norwegian subtitles,...

    i have no idea how to get these subtitles,... could you please explain to me
    `how to do this` :winking_face: ???

    greetings from norway


  • First of all Plugin DO NOT downloads movies - You should have it on Your local storage media.

    1) of all You should choose Your subtitle server in menu. At the moment only NapiProject and OpenSubtitle are avaliable so You should choos OpenSubtitle.
    2) specyfie Your OpenSubtitle language.
    3) Press "OK" to save config.
    4) Find movie which You want to watch and press on it "TEXT" button. After that plugin will connect with server to find available subtitles.
    5) By pressing "OK" on SubsList You are downloading and converting subtitles.
    6) The rest is up to Enigma2 so I'll no describe this.

  • Quote

    Originally posted by Bin4ry
    Greenscreen here too.
    Anytime i want to open the plugin it gives me greenscreen and enigma reboots. Crashlog is attached.


    In fact there were myFileList bug so pepole who haven't use DreamExplorerII have this error.

    I had fixed it and I have added few more things:


    ver 0.19.1:
    - YELLOW button in Configuration Menu downloads and install libmediainfo,
    - fixed bug in myFileList,
    - fixes in localConvertionSublist works better.

    Plugin as always avaliable at Google Code website.

    Have a fun.

  • hei hei,...

    thank you for your advice and help,... it sounds promising ;),...

    does it matter which source i use (harddisk, usb-stick, or other things...) ???

    i have to ask: how does the plugin know which subtitle to use, i mean the
    same film may have various lengths,... due to the censorship of the film :confused_face:

    does it work only for movies or also for series ???

    thanks very much from norway


  • The storage devise is not a problem to plugin (you can even use network devise as samba). The only board is if the receiver and system mount it properly and give You required access rights.

    For OpenSubtitle and NapiProject plugin counts unique checksume (unique for file) and asks server about subtitle list corresponding to this checksume so if users supplie server with correct and adjusted to Your countent (exact chcecksume) subtitles there is 100% prove that You will get what You need. It doesn't mater if it's movie or serial.