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Es geht hierbei um Vorbereitungen für das eigentliche Board-Update auf Version 5.5.x.

Euer IHAD Team

    Hello Speedy,

    My configuration is 2x Lightpack with Dm7020 and I want to inform You about one bug in current version enigma2-plugin-extensions-enigmalight_0.2-rc1_all.ipk.

    After a while of working the lights stops at "last" displayed color. In attachment I am sending the Enigmalight logs.

    Tha last one good working plugin version was: enigma2-plugin-extensions-enigmalight_0.1r5-b12_all.ipk - I mean there was no hardware bugs only some problems with GUI shutting down the devices (GUI do not stoped devices "permanently" after the GUI on lights power on even if I switch it off)


    Speedy there is Greenscreed in menu: TUNING-> Min. saturation (log in attachment).

    It is because in *.proil files is:

    and should be:

    I have also noticed some strande behavior with led device turn off (2x Lightpack) and it is:
    0) I am booting receiver - devices are off (OK)
    1) I am switching from stand by to view mode - devices are off (OK)
    2) Pushing blue button - devices are on (OK)
    1) Pushing red button - the devices are off (OK)
    3) Switching receiver to in standby mode - devices are off (OK)
    4) Switching receiver from standby to view mode - devices are turning on automatically without pushing blue button (In my opinion NOT OK because I want to decide by myself when to ON devices)
    5) After reboot the receiver is backing to "0" case.

    It seems like there is auto turning on function

    Yep Enigmalight is true. and it will replace the Boblight for Enigma2

    Actually I had this pleasure to be a beta tester of this plugin (but I have no permission to share with it).

    The most significant difference is:
    - only one binary instead of boblightd and boblight-enigma2
    - support for 2 Lightpack at the one receiver (boblight had some huge problem with it but it was general boblight bug in all branches).

    I hope Speedy will release official version asap. - finger crossed.


    I have 2 Lightpack item (firmware >= 6.3).

    1st Lightpack comfig is:

    2nd Lightpack condig is:

    I had tested them alone as a 1 item connected to Dreambox DM7020 and they work correctly.

    Than I combined configs in one (copy past operationa) and only 1 Lightpack shined.
    Also there was some boblight error:

    Then once again I have tested Lightpack alone and what is more strange 1st Lightpack works correctly but 2nd Lightpack works (Leds shines) but boblight config shows that the device is connectiong and disconecting all the time. Also Enigma2 GUI gives me message one by one that new USB device is connected.

    I thought that there is something wrong with this 2nd Lightpack so I have upload firmware once again and Lightpack is still in USB device connecting loop.
    I thought that maybe Lightpack 2nd is brokes so I havce soldered 3rd Lightpack and the history was repeated.
    BTW The Lightpack 2nd and 3rd works correctly with Windows and Prismatic.

    I have 2 questions:
    1) Is it correct that for 2 devices I had created config by combining 2 configs (copy paste)?
    2) Why Enigma2 discovers 2nd/3rd Lightpack in some loop? - strange because I do not disconnect the devise, usb cable is good, other thinks are good. (But it is only with Lighpack 2nd and 3rd. The Lightpacj 1st works correctly.

    I have problems with my Lightpack detection. At the beginning (just after image installation) it had been detected but now I have feedback that:


    ERROR: ambilight: no Lightpack device with vid 1d50 and pid 6022 found

    I wander If udev/rule is correct:

    because when I execute it in bash I have sutch answer:


    root@dm7020hd:~# /etc/udev/rules.d/93-lightpack.rules
    /etc/udev/rules.d/93-lightpack.rules: line 16: ENV{DEVTYPE}==usb_device,: command not found
    /etc/udev/rules.d/93-lightpack.rules: line 19: ENV{DEVTYPE}==usb_device,: command not found

    Please help me with Lightpack configuration - I'm fighting with it for 10 days without results.
    My device is:
    -DM7020HD with OE2.0 (stock firmware) + GP3.2
    -Lightpack (hardware: 6.0L, firmware 6.2) <-- I had checked device on W7 Prismatic and it is working.

    First of all some telnet commands which I executed:

    My boblight.conf data is:

    The only possibility to shine leds is to give command via telnet (but this only chcecks if device works):


    root@dm7020hd:/11111# ./boblight-constant AAAAFF
    Connecting to boblightd
    Connection to boblightd opened
    caught SIGINT

    I have also attached Boblight Enigma2 plugin screenshots

    I will be grateful for any help because I also have some problem connected with receiver boot sequence but from the beginning.
    Since 2 weeks I have noticed the problem with receiver stability the receiver DM7020HD v1 hangs on standby mode. The time of hangs is random but always is shown on display (see image bellow).
    [Blocked Image:]

    The receiver do not respond on remote controller and also kill Enigna2 via telnet is not possible.
    [Blocked Image:]

    Also executing some commands (but not all) gives strange error:
    [Blocked Image:]

    The only way to restart receiver is power off power on. But after that the receiver hands during boot sequence.
    [Blocked Image:]

    But during this boot sequence boot hangs the telnet is working with bins errors but working:
    [Blocked Image:]

    I made some tests by myself. HDD was tested with Seatool and passed test.
    I used three different images with the same results (always random time freezes and no other way that flashimg after reboot):1st - Merlin + BarryAllen + GP3.2 + USB 16 GB + HDD + OpenVPN + Cccam + Transmission2nd oryginal DMM release + GP3.2 + USB 16 GB + HDD + OpenVPN + Cccam + Transmission3rd Newnigma 4.0.4 + USB 16 GB + HDD + OpenVPN + Cccam + Transmission
    I thought about OpenVPN, CCcam or Transmission (but I have not change this addos version since I remember and thill this time there was no such problems).
    Please help me to solve this problem because I don't know what to do.
    For me it looks like flash lose some data.I checked flash with DreamUp and it gives me this informations:

    18:13:18 box type: DM7020HD
    18:13:18 Enabled recovery of bad sectors
    18:13:33 Calculating checksum...
    18:13:34 Uploading file to box...
    18:14:24 box is flashing from its memory...
    18:14:29 Log: +++ 015 bad sector recovery enabled
    18:16:40 Log: +++ 006 erase failed at 1dcc0000: c1. Blockwill be marked as bad.
    18:16:49 Log: +++ 006 erase failed at 278c0000: c1. Blockwill be marked as bad.
    18:17:10 OK, flash-copy succeeded

    In attachment I added telnet output of (ps aux, dmesg, cat /var/log/messages, ,cat /home/root/.ssh/known_hosts, cat /home/root/.ash_history, crontab -l) commands which were made after receiver hangs BUT BEFORE power off power on restart.
    [Blocked Image:]


    My configuration is:
    DM 7020HD v1 - bought circle about 3-5 months ago
    - DVBS2 , DVB-C/T
    - images (Merlin-3_OE_2.0-dm7020hd-20130303, release-dm7020hd-4.0.0)
    - GP 3.2
    - BarryAllen 10.0.3 + USB 16 GB
    - hdd 1.0 TB

    Since about 2 weeks I have problem with DM7020 freezing.
    It happens late at night (between 01:00-03:00) always when receiver is not used (see picture: freezed_display.jpg).

    Because the receiver do not react on remote button I try to restart enigma2 via telnet but receiver responds enigma2: no process found (see attachment: enigma2_no_process.jpg) so I reboot it with telnet command.

    During boot sequense receiver freezes in the midle of sequence (see attachment: boot_sequence.jpg).

    During bins execution via telnet the receiver returns a lot of errors (see attachment: bins_execution_errors.jpg).

    OPKG update/ upgrade is also impossible (attachement: opkg.jpg).

    The only thing which helps is flashing but I don't see this every third day.
    What is wrong with my receiver and/ or configuration? What can I do?

    I addes also S.M.A.R.T HDD test output (attachement: smart.jpg)


    I have similar problem (i suppose because I don't understand German well).

    My cionfiguration is:

    Every time I open update menu I have GreenScreen (see attachemens)

    Can someone help me (in English)?

    Probably I found the root cause:

    Now I'm wondering why there is lack of module and what is more important to me where can I find right one ([gAddons] Error No module named externAddonFilterList)?

    Can anyone help?


    I write some application and I want make some functionality:

    After action is finished it should play some sound to notify user about it.

    I want to do this without opening the ENigma media player (without

    I found some routine like bellow:

    But /dev/dsp don't exist. Is it possibile to do this in this way or if it's not how can I play sound without executing media player.