Dm600pvr Enigma2 Pcd 3.1

  • with "Sendersuche mit Provider" I can not change Q64 to Q256 - and manual search does not variy the frequencey.
    Does anyone know, where I can find the configuration for the "Proider search"?

    Would help, because the provider changed from Q64 to Q256!

    Until then the image worked really fine and the workaround did it.

    Frequency search leads to green screen.

  • Please discuss it in this thread :-

    Cable scan problem with the Pcd 3.1 enigma2 image

    I opened it to discuss cable scan.

    Cheers, pcd.

  • many thanks for the new version.

    for the next version:
    the startscript for scam has a small lingusitic problem, the filename of
    /usr/bin/scam.ppc in the scrip starts with a capital letter - so scam does not start.
    Could you change either filename to /usr/bin/Scam.ppc or adapt the script?

    I know, ist only a tittle - but could save some time of some people.

    Best regards Thomas

  • with my dm800/gemini i can stream multiple streams at the same time. with this image the stream disconnects if i try to start a second one. so far your image would be amazing if you could solve this problem.

  • You are aware that the CPU of the 600 is not that powerfull ?

    The 800 already has Problems because of CPU power (Multiple HD Recordings, Network Traffic), what would you expect from the 600 ?

  • I have a question, can you please explain me what exactly the featutre
    "Increase available Memory with HDD/USB/CF" means?

    I have a DM600PVR with PCDs 3.1 E2 Image and activated this feature, like i have been told in the support thread. I had a 6GB HDD in it, now i have changed it to a 40GB an the Box doesnt boot anymore.
    ( the 40GB is OK, checked on windows and also with gParted formated and checked).
    Does the Box write some things to the HDD and therfore with an other HDD no boot anymore, or isnt it so?
    Please for Help.

  • Please look in the script /etc/move2hdd.

    When you select Increase available Memory "with HDD" - this script is executed.

    Please check that the steps are actually done.

    If you have any problem - please ask - I will help you.

    Cheers, pcd.

  • OK, so the script move2hdd copies files to the hdd...
    So, what do i have to do if i want to plug in any other hdd?
    Can i copy the files from the old hdd to the new hdd?
    Or what shall i do, i dont want to reflash a clear image, because it takes a long time to download and install all addons and so...

  • It doesnt work for me, sorry, i have new installed everything, but now i got problems to install twistedweb...

  • You have to install software again.
    I then install plugins I need from the server.
    Then I erase the Extensions folder and replace it with the one in which I have some plugins which are modified a little by me.
    And it works for me.

  • Ok, i first flashed the Image, after i Initialized HDD, after i did Invrease Available Memory with HDD and now i am installing the Basic pack, but only "twisted" wont work, i tryed it before and some extensions didnt work, like webif, cccaminfo tool...

  • I've noticed that the server is slow and sometimes download is interrupted and the file is broken and won't install.

  • Ok, but now i am a little bit "nervous" after doing the complete install several times ;-)

  • Hi,

    is it possible to install some versions of the EMC-Plugin on that E2 Image.
    I would like use that Image, but EMC or the old suomipoeka Plugin is an essential feature for my dreamboxes.

    Greetings and thanks for an answer.

    3x DM 900 UHD
    1x DM 800 HDse V2
    4x DM 500 HD V2
    Merlin OE2.x/GP3.x/Eigener Skin
    Sky Welt/Film HD, HD+, V13


  • Quote

    Original von kalehrl
    There is suomipoeka plugin available for download from the server.

    ...sounds great... :woot:

    3x DM 900 UHD
    1x DM 800 HDse V2
    4x DM 500 HD V2
    Merlin OE2.x/GP3.x/Eigener Skin
    Sky Welt/Film HD, HD+, V13


  • Last question.

    How do you perform a flash backup with this E2 Image.
    Usually I use the GP2 FlashBackup Plugin or the old script.

    Is it also available for your image or an alternative ?
    My experience in other E2 Images for 600 were problems with detection of the correct secondstage Version etc. because we have the "incorrect" combination with hard and software.


    3x DM 900 UHD
    1x DM 800 HDse V2
    4x DM 500 HD V2
    Merlin OE2.x/GP3.x/Eigener Skin
    Sky Welt/Film HD, HD+, V13