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    Hello to all,

    Question to the Plugin's Gods :

    As the sound volume can be very different from one channel to another, we need often to manually adjust the volume with the remote control.

    Would it be possible to make a plugin which can adjust the sound volume for each channel (provided of course the parameters have been manually entered in for example a xml file matching with the .db file of the existing list of channel) ?


    list of components :

    1 resistor 22 K Ohms (connected between pin 8 of scart and pin1 of optocoupler)
    1 optocoupler 4N25
    1 Transistor npn BC548 (connected at the output of optocoupler)
    1 Relay sub miniature (omron G5V1)
    1 small connector (for the 2 pins beside inside usb plug) for +5v and GND

    1fan EBM PAPST 255M (5 volts 25 x 25 x 8mm)
    1 column 1 inch long M2.5 mm

    Thats all ! No more cooking card and no noise ( you cannot hear any noise at 1.50m from the dreambox in a very silent room), and the fan will stop when the DM800 is in standby.
    Nothing to be seen from outside.

    Solved !!!

    There is pin N° 8 on the scart which gives 6 V in use and 0V on standby.
    I just made a tiny printed circuit board of 20 x 20 mm with an optocoupler and a small relay -> now the fan stops when the box is in standby. :winking_face:

    Hello to all

    I installed a small papst fan 25 x 25 x 8 mm 15dbA 5 volts inside the box. All is cool now even with HD programs.

    My wish is to stop the fan when the DM800 is in standby. The usb plugs are always powered even in standby...

    My question : Does anyone know where to found a +5Volt which goes to 0 when in standby ? (even if I must interface the command of the fan)

    Hallo gutemine,

    You were right, mountie light 1.9 works fine.

    The only small problem comes with the popups on each restart :
    1 camd start
    2 a new device has been found
    3 mountie
    4 camd start

    Is there a way to store somewhere that if the disk was already mounted on last boot, then no need of all those popups ? Same way as last channel or last camd used.


    Original von gutemine
    well, is it really my fault that GP2 is not doing such a great job in their udev implementation ?

    And Mountie4GP2 should be an enhancement and not a replacement :)

    Agree 100 % with you !!!

    May be GP2 Team use the DM800 with sata disk inside as a toaster ???
    Unfortunately my hdmi cable is not long enough to have my dreambox into the kitchen :379:

    Anyway, i will give a try with mountie light 1.9 and report.


    Hallo Gutemine,

    I found a bug ? in mountie 1.1 :

    I am using gemini 4.3 in flash and have a usb disk western digital. The record function is working very well.
    When I want to play the recorded files, the list is ok, but when I select one, the bloo*y Device manager tells me that a usb device has been found and asks with what I want to associate sda1 with (picture player, juke box..and so on; all but hard disk).
    I can read my recorded file only after restart of the DM800...

    My question : Is there a way to disable the device manager ? or at least to fix it (until the device manager takes in account that a usb device can be a hard disk intended to record movies) ?


    Thanks for your reply Gutemine,

    Are you sure if I insert a usb disk, before launching mountie, the "Initialize function" of device manager will format it in ext3 and not use vfat ? (I do not like sata or ide disk because they all become hot and noisy....)
    For the labelling, I was meaning just add a line in the plugin menue to get both name hdd and folder movie.... so no need of cristal ball with new energy cell into it :tongue:


    Thank you very much Gutemine, you're really the Dreambox King !!! :danke:

    Thanks to the whole team for that release !!!

    I'm still having problem with usb disk. I understood the new device-manager was able to format and mount the disk....

    * Manager for format, setup or mount devices (BP -> Device-manager)

    My usb disk is still mounted as /media/sda ..... :face_with_rolling_eyes:

    Is it normal, then should I use mountie4GP2 ? (amazingly this plugin has vanished from the list (menu / extensions) ).