• PLS tune alpha and all IN OSD setup to center position.

    I like to know with witch OSD file from my ZIP you have
    good result.

    I like to find optimal transparency level ..?

  • you are the best thanks fo this control center version to dwanload

    all the best to you

  • Wow Matrix!! You're the greatest!!
    I tested all three versions and all looked good... For me the 3rd version looked best, because the others were not as good readable as that one...

    For transparency I chose in the menu the first level (about a quarter of the whole bar is filled...) and put the other bars in the middle...

    so long

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  • Thanks m0rphU
    Very good information.

    I think DM600 using very low transparency


    ... For me the 3rd version looked best, because the others were not as good readable as that one...

    But now I think we have to change Main Menu transparency ??

    Rgd MX

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  • I already changed the value in the emsl to 13... As I feel this matches quite good, but of course thats a matter of taste...

    About transparency on 600: If I compare the settings on my 600 with those in an Enigma-Image on my dBox, the settings for transparency on the dbox really can be edited much more fine... As I already mentioned on my 600 there are only quartered steps to fill the bar (0, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1)...

    P.S.: English isn't my native language, so please bear with me if my style is too worse ;)

    so long

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  • In this skin you can tune all other transparency
    In this parth of esml file

    <color name="transyellow" color="#12efc020" />
    <color name="content" color="#5302024f" />
    <color name="white" color="#10ffffff" />
    <color name="black" color="#10000000" />
    <color name="selected" color="#129e2105" />

    But you cannot change transparency for Main OSD and Main Menu.

    Now you have good Main OSD
    But I asking about transparency from Main Menu

    Is this one ok if you compare with Main OSD ?

    On my picture.Main Menu

    [Blocked Image:]

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  • Oh, than i got you wrong... Because I don't use the mainmenu of the skin (I checked the option "Show Mainmenu like Listbox") I didn't realize that this also has a unique look ;)

    Now I unchecked that option and the mainmenu still looks good... It's transparency matches to the Main OSD's transp. (whatever is the reason for that, 'cause I didn't change anything for the mainmenu)

    Now the skin is perfect for me!
    So, again big thanks for your great work and this without owning a 500 or 600!!
    Matrix is the best!!!

    so long

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  • OK

    I have make 2 New Menu files with different transparency

    You have to rename this files in to menu.png
    and copy one by one and test
    in to .../bluelight/mainmenu folder

  • Ok

    But if you like you can look for this 2 Main MENU files
    for test.

    But seems clear to me DM600 have abt 85 to 90 % transparency
    and DM7000 abt 75 to 80 % transparency