Dreambox Two processes

  • Hi,

    when I log into Dreambox Two with root and start some processes in the background (e.g. just screen and detach it later) then all the processes get killed when I logout. How can I make sure the processes keep running in the background ? I have obviously tried using & and nohup but to no avail.

  • you may use trap, just input this before starting screen or any other process

    trap '' 1

    this traps SIGHUP, or

    trap '' 1 2 3

    this traps SIGHUP, SIGINT and SIGQUIT

    the signals you can list with

    kill -l

    you cannot trap killall -9

  • I have tried all of the codes, but still can not make it work. All background processes are killed in a very hard manner. Never experienced it before. Normally screen or & background processes always keep running after logging out but on this Two this somehow follows a different convention ?