Enigma2 Image for PowerPC Dreamboxes - Howto

  • Yes it must have been me :confused_face:

    The last image I created which has df2 included and my date change still don't look quite right on boot but boot it does runs through the wizard n i'm watching sly news!!!!!! :hurra:

    I'll do an e.log

  • Hi,

    The attached should build the v7.0 image.

    Please delete /tmp/deploy/ipk/dreambox-dvb-modules.ipk and then bitbake dreambox-dvb-modules.bb included in the pack. Also change the paths in dreambox-df2.bb to your paths.

    Good luck !


  • Shite :einschenken:

    I feel like I'm cheating n jumping to the end :) but v7 is a great image.

    I would really like to know a summary of the changes and why they were required to get a better understanding of whats going on in the image, like with the dvb-modules date, I know newer isn't always better. but the kid in me is saying why? Was I wrong or did they not work?

    I hope I don't sound ungrateful, I'm very much not, I just want to learn a bit more.

    Thanks Again.

  • I have posted everything you may need - because I do not have time to put them in sections - to build step by step.

    Any question you have - please ask. I visit here regularly !

    For general information - you may read this :-

    Database -> Image Erstellung und Tuning -> Openebbedded E1-image mod how-to.

    Package dreambox- dvb-modules.bb installs the drivers. They have not changed for these boxes for a long time. So - the date does not matter. Except that - the final ipk is dated.

    It will be useful if you can learn the process well. There are some things I have not done - due to not having time/interest/knowledge. For example

    volume control
    picload (to show jpg) etc.

    It will be nice if you or others can develop these codes further.

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • As I've said before I really appreciate the help, and don't hesitate to tell me fcuk off at any point, I understand theres only so much time.

    I think I may be missing some things that are referenced, i've commented out n just got a build here is a quick missing.

    I will do my best to keep development alive but i will need some serious pointing in the right direction, I do feel I'm getting there and did want to set myself a goal or two, but let me get a clean build first :)

    Again Cheers,


  • Please delete the first 3 items from dreambox-df2.bb and the others from dreambox-image.bb.

    Also delete Zombi.HD1R3/ from /usr/lib/enigma2/python/skin.py. It defines the default skin. The item "skin.xml" will mean



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  • The image boots but I have no IR remote control :frowning_face: I do have webif control :) It's basically working, I will try to clean things up as I better undertsand what's going on, I have looked at skins and I want to try a 1024x576 which should look crisper 16:9, so I think I understand what's going on :)

    Do I need to check permissions in imports folder?

  • re remote : In /usr/bin/enigma2.sh - there are 2 lines for rc interface. Please try the other line. Reboot to take effect.

    All scripts need execute permission. Sometimes after copying - they lose this.


  • /usr/bin/enigma2.sh mirrors v7 so I'm not sure thats the issue v7 works fine

    I did change permissions on scripts, but i could have missed something further down in other folders, I think I need to recheck this.

  • Quote

    Originally posted by Hejira
    /usr/bin/enigma2.sh mirrors v7 so I'm not sure thats the issue v7 works fine

    I did change permissions on scripts, but i could have missed something further down in other folders, I think I need to recheck this.

    Well, if changing enigma2.sh does not work - you need to check if the remote worked with the e2 cvs image. Then find out what in the new items stops the remote working.

  • Yes remote worked with first e2 cvs build and works with v7

    I think I missed the permission on tuxtbox-links so I'm just rebuilding

    Edit: No that didn't work, I'll look at log n check over what I did. The default skin still don't look right n images like BA plugin logo are corrupt not displayed properly.

  • Difficult to know what the problems are.

    I will tonight divide the patches so that you know - what they do. Then you can apply them one by one.

    This will be a good learning process for you. :)

  • seriously no rush only if you have time, but that would be great :)

    I have started to go through the files myself with a view to putting only files I'm using in a seperate folder n create my own imports folder. is folder structure important other than ref's in df2?

    Edit: There are some references to the remote control in the diff patch.

  • many thanks i'm about to take a look,

    I followed through n created a trimmed set of files from those you previously gave me n cleaned up what I thought was needed, rechecked permissions I now have an image with IR n clean country logo's :hurra:

    Things still not quite right, IR Keymap still not right, default dreambox skin looks sharp :) but main menu not switching from icon to list, no extra setup menu. They do seem to be getting better though.

    I'm still not 100% on when -cclean is required



  • I'm so close it hurts, I'm sure it's skin related i found a few ref's hanging around to v7 skins.

    extra setup menu items, dman works fine, mostly seems like it's all running ok i'm just missing addons n tools sub menus, i've had to give my eyes a rest, I'm going round in circles, can't for the life of me see what the file differences are between v7 n my build that would cause the sub menu prob.

    Once sub menus showing is sorted I think i'll be ready for a proper test.