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    thats in my tmp/work folder!

    where my compiled ipks are :)

    Edit: BA 5.0.17 seems to install over the top of existing version ok.

    Edit: dvb-modules seems to have done no damage but don't know if they will do any good.

    Edit: openvpn_2.0.2 seems to be running ok, needed updated lib, needs more testing

    Ok i'll try n break it :) n report back.

    So I can install pretty much anythin from the deploy/ipk folder?

    Is it a transcoding issue? I've had my fairshare of probs with transcoding for my godson's psp when he goes on holiday. :face_with_rolling_eyes:

    Is the version of BarryAllen in this image the latest that can be installed. I don't want to start uninstalling n feck things up just yet!

    I ask this as I remember a few additional options in 4.8.22 and the latest version available for PPC is 5.0.17.

    Also reading an old simple howto BA I created a while ago I've stumbled across some interesting info, given the dvb-modules date I asked about before.

    I found these sources: dreambox-dvb-modules-dm600pvr-2.6.12-20090707.tar.bz2

    KV_dm600pvr = "2.6.12"
    PV_dm600pvr = "${KV}-20090707"

    These are the drivers in the last DM image for DM600 to DL from Dream, but I'm pretty sure both cvs n openpli e1 have: PV_dm600pvr = "${KV}-200904030"

    This earlier driver caused later versions of BA for ppc to complain about secondstage loader n not install, As I will have to test in the flash image can you offer any advice before I start.



    I think I've tried most standard combinations without any joy :frowning_face: If I get sound I get picture breakup. I wonder if there is a bit rate combination sweet spot but I can't find it @ the mo.

    The Picture's perfect Just put some cheesy 70's porn muisc on your stereo it'll be fine lol

    Ok, I had to install the plugins first, Great Plugins by the Way :)

    what I've done is download the flv from red then converted in vlc then tried to play the converted file on pc n dm with vlc I've not had sucess as yet but I just wanted to check my method was sound?


    You don't need to have the entire openpli e1 build.
    Just use openpli e1 binary and replace the CVS one.
    After that you will have to replace some libs because openpli e1 uses some newer ones.
    Start e1 manually and it will complain about the libs which you will need to replace.
    I once compiled openpli e1 for 600pvr with timezone window patch so you can search my posts and find it.

    Thats the thing with my e2 openpli build openpli e1 was working fine as all libs were compiled in :)

    I deleted it so I could load e2 via telnet, I'm a real novice m8!!!

    I will look @ your posts, but at the mo I'm having a hard enough job keeping track of all the things buzzing round my head re creating a basic working image.

    I'm still stumbling around but, yes I did find inetd.conf, seen the 8001, Played around with the different streams on all the ports without much sucess, seen the patch files but not looked closer yet.

    I feel the 600 may be resetting the stream, again you know me n my assumptions :) It's like it takes a screen shot n then streams.

    I have made ref to openpli build in other thread, didn't want to go to far off topic in this thread, I wanted to try it to see if I had understood all your teachings and thought it would be a good exercise :) It's only as per your CVS files at the mo but I've learn't more and I now have 2 VM's one for each enviroment.

    If there is anything you feel I might be able to help you with re testing please don't hesitate to ask, I'd be only to willing to give a little back.

    Shite now that's really interesting, I've built a basic PCD E2 in the openpli enviroment and deleted the openpli enigma :face_with_rolling_eyes:

    I need to understand the boot process n scripts a little better I think :)

    Thanks again

    Thanks thats useful to know. shame I don't have acess to other packages for testing @ the mo.

    I'm using latest v1.1.11 n the e1 openpli image streams perfect so I know it's possible, if there's something I want to stream I just boot it through BA as a workaround but it would be nice to not have to. :)

    I really don't want to have to use the older vlc, so I'm trying to understand what going on with the latest vlc. It's so close to working, vlc only decodes the first 5 blocks which gives you a screenshot then continues to get the stream but not decode.

    I found this info:
    the stream mode require to access to localhost of dreambox
    Edit : (extensions => Web Interfaces => Interfaces) :
    Address, Port, Authorization, 80, no, 8080, yes

    But I can't find interfaces, can't find webif config file, changes I made in gui I expected to be in e2-settings but they wern't?

    Also if you change the http webif port with authorisation set to yes is ignored! (It Don't ask for password)

    I think the info is sound but can't action it.


    I have patched the webif to change the streaming url from the e2 format to the e1 format.

    The url format doesn't seem to be quite the same:
    v7 = http://192.168.1.x:31339/0,101,201,281
    E1 = http://192.168.1.x:31339/0,0104,0205,0285,0021
    These are obviously not the same channels, E1 format is from some older notes but I'm sure it was from the Cli image.

    E1 OpenPli = http://192.168.1.x:31344
    This follows channels on Zap

    It's really frustrating because v7 appears to follow zap in vlc it's just not decodeing the stream.

    I keep getting diverted from trying to make a complete image by the smaller elements in the image that I would like to understand and get right.

    I have managed as an exercise to recreate an E2 basic build using the openpli build enviroment so I do feel my building skills n error resolution is getting better :), I just need to get it to boot straight into E2 instead of via telnet, Still don't quite understand the boot process.

    Are any of the files from the Openpli Build of any interest to you?

    I'm happy to have a test I've just gotta get my head around diffs again :face_with_rolling_eyes:

    Yes I'm grabbing files from v7 as I need them, will I not be able to get source for the stuff I had to comment out?

    I would really like to get streaming sorted, your Cli image was the best at streaming until openpli, I like the way the openpli stream will follow zap so when using the tuxbox client on xbmc I can use controloid app to change channel via dm. DreamDriod seems to work very well with v7 and my image by the way.

    Not wishing to sound selfish given all the help I've had but Subtitles isn't something hi on my list to look at. However I have now used it on my build, was missing the skin.user in the right folder! but seemed to work quite well on sly news, looks pretty crappy but hey function over form at the mo :)

    also the 4:3 issue is still eating at me a little, i'm sure AVSwitch needs a closer look as the diff applied changes 4:3 aspects I think.

    I personally would like the streaming to my pc to work as well as the openpli e1 image does, but i don't know where to start there yet.

    This is a mine field, I only wanted to build myself a light weight image just for me and learn a little more. lol.

    Most things in my image seem to be behaving, I just need another recap of files n folders added n those I comented out that are still missing like nfsserver and i'll try another build.

    Edit: 4:3 I'm now convinced is todo with diff:
    [php]@@ -179,7 +183,7 @@
    6-16:9 forced ("letterbox")
    const char *aspect[] = {"4:3", "4:3", "any", "16:9", "16:10", "16:10", "16:9", "16:9"};
    - const char *policy[] = {"letterbox", "panscan", "bestfit", "panscan", "letterbox", "panscan", "letterbox"};
    + char *policy[] = {"panscan", "letterbox", "bestfit", "panscan", "letterbox", "panscan", "letterbox"};
    would that not be const char

    I know I do tend to make assumption's but, skin_user.xml in /etc is not right from what I've read it should be in /etc/enigma2 and will take priority.

    it contains:

    		<sub name="Subtitle_TTX" 	font="Regular;34" 		foregroundColor="#ffffff" shadowColor="#40101010" shadowOffset="-3,-3" />
    		<sub name="Subtitle_Regular" 	font="Regular;34" 		foregroundColor="#ffffff" shadowColor="#40101010" shadowOffset="-3,-3" />
    		<sub name="Subtitle_Bold" 	font="Replacement;34" 	foregroundColor="#ffffff" shadowColor="#40101010" shadowOffset="-3,-3" />
    		<sub name="Subtitle_Italic" 	font="Regular;34" 		foregroundColor="#ffffff" shadowColor="#40101010" shadowOffset="-3,-3" />

    Is this just a red herring?

    I still haven't seen a subtitle, even using v7 am I being dim?

    Edit: ok I'm sure this is related, I can see subs now configs seem tobe written to etc/enigma2 skin_user.xml

    Edit: forget that, sorry I couldn't be more help

    You will really hate me for this but, the only dish I'm connected to is not even lined up properly, I've access to a limited number of channels @ 28.2.

    my image as yet is prob not really ready for testing subtitles, I'm not convinced I've all libs installed as yet, I did have to comment out a few bits to get my build, but I will have a go.

    Do I have to install the subtitle plugin? How do I turn subtiles on?

    Edit: from your pic it look's like it's the text shadow settings, what skin n have you tried another?