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    Originally posted by Carbonide
    I can't confirm your problem (I tried on several HD channels, including 720 and 1080 channels).

    I found this problem only on Eutelsat W4 at 36.0°E at 12073 L
    on other HD transponder this sattelite - 12111 L, and other sattelites - working fine.
    I'am rescaning problem transponder, but Enigma still crash.
    In satellites.xml have this string:
    <transponder frequency="12073000" symbol_rate="27500000" polarization="2" fec_inner="3" system="1" modulation="2" onid="112" tsid="12"/>

    Menu->Information->Service->Transponder (Yellow button) - crashing Enigma if on HD transponder and any skin.
    Same result:
    Chanel list->Menu->Show transponder info
    Crashlog fragment:
    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Screens/", line 135, in information
    tp_info = ConvertToHumanReadable(self.transponder_info)
    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Tools/", line 42, in ConvertToHumanReadable
    eDVBFrontendParametersSatellite.RollOff_alpha_0_20 : "0.20"}[tp["rolloff"]]
    KeyError: 3
    (PyObject_CallObject(<bound method ActionMap.action of <Components.ActionMap.ActionMap instance at 0x151c530>>,('OkCancelActions', 'ok')) failed)

    At this image HDD not power down after shutdown of receiver. In v4.60 HDD switch off after shutdown is worked.

    HDD: Internal SATA Western WDC WD5000BEVT

    Blue panel>Device manager >Menu->HDD SpinUp not work