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Wir haben aktuell ein Problem mit dem Board und arbeiten an der Lösung...

-> Aktuell bereiten wir das Upgrade auf die aktuelle Version 6 von Woltlab vor.

    Hi jogi & all.
    Sorry for english.
    I've got a big problem, i'd installed my brand new tft from buck, it was working by defect like the original display. Then i've installed the new drivers from buck (usbtft-oe22-dm7080-1.0-0) after this i've installed your last version (enigma2-skin-user.xml-jogi29-skin-all-rotator_V5.31) and after reboot the display is not working well. It shows the picon in black&white and....better you see the attachments photos. What must I do?

    I've forgotten, the path for picons is /media/usb/picon with 220x132 picons and /media/usb/picon/picon_oled with 400x170 picons, all of them are colored.

    Hi all.
    I've done a trick (better several) to make work enigmalight.
    First, I've installed via FTP the "evil" cheetah, then I cheated enigma2 editing the file /var/lib/dpkg/status

    Then I can install enigmalight.

    It works with some problems, the worst...when I'm going to save "settings" the box crashes

    Finally the plugin works but how I said, with some bugs.
    Dirty work (the mine)

    Hi speedy. Thanks for the plugin but I've got the same problem.

    What can I do? How is it working in another boxes without python-cheetah?
    I don't understand nothing at all.

    I've tried it but...

    Thanks & Merry Xmas;)

    Hi all.
    I've tried to install the OE2.2 version but I've got e problem with a python file that I don't find in dreamboxupdate repository.

    Where can I to find "Cheetah" to install it?

    Hi tikila.

    I'm using your skin for several days but since i've update to version 2.4 I have got a crash whe I tried to download epg with CroosEpg.

    The crash log says...