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Wir haben aktuell ein Problem mit dem Board und arbeiten an der Lösung...

-> Aktuell bereiten wir das Upgrade auf die aktuelle Version 6 von Woltlab vor.

    Original von m0rphU
    No communication means what? Are you able to enter anything via the serial console when the CFE> appears?

    But as I said: Only your OpenATV image is broken. You should still be able to enter the rescue loader without any problems. But the process needs the correct timing!
    So, are you 100% sure, that you start pressing the front button in the exact moment that the red led lights up? You must not be too fast and not too slow.

    Great!! I have solved with this tric ...and my 525 combo blocked on red led fix, after flashing OpenATV image.
    Touching the front button at the right moment the decoder went back to rescue mode. Thank you


    Originally posted by Schaedelmeister
    Wir wollten euch nun auch unser neues angepasstes IhaD Logo vorstellen.
    Ein großen Dank wie immer an Yvessun der das ganze für uns gebastelt und angepasst hat.
    Nun ist es auch mal wieder up-to-date :grinning_squinting_face:

    I'm sorry but don't speek deutsche, but I would say my best "bravo" for this bootscreen.
    Can you also explain how to make this Hi-Res .mvi file for bootlogo? thanks again

    Great Great Image Gemini. Very very wonderfull job!!!

    It's possible personalize boot logo with personal image?

    In next release please insert "standby on unwanted reboot" (eg: blackout).... if is possible.

    I love only Gemini as image....



    Originally posted by MartiniB
    take example from there dreambox restart by timer

    Thanks to info Martini... great job yours.

    I have tested with telnet my script - -:

    sleep 60
    /usr/bin/wget -O /dev/null http://root:miapassword@ip.del…bin/admin?command=standby

    .. and it work (the DB go in standby)

    but if I put: /var/etc/ & in

    It don't work on reboot (by blackout).

    Where I must insert the launch line: /var/etc/ &



    Originally posted by gutemine
    if you don't have a password for root user it can be ommited, if not you have to change it to your password - that#s why it is on an extra variable that you can change at the beginning of the script.

    Try it out first in a webbroweser, if you then know the correct string put it there

    I have modified in "" and tested in web browser... as I can go in web Interface of my DB.

    I have writing in script "http://root:password@" and I have launched it from "user script" ... but the DB don't go in stanby...
    Where I make the mistake?

    Sorry gutemine... the script don't work!!!
    I suppose that "http://rootasswordDB@" is incorrect. Perhaps it must be replaced from some other word?



    Originally posted by Agrivaine
    Isnt there an option in the BIOS for "Event after Power On" with value "Always On"? I think you can change it to eg. "StandBy"? I can't try it on myself at this time, i'll get trouble with my wife... :tongue:

    Thanks Agrivaine, I prefer the "programmed" version because .. I don't want move my DB to link with serial null-modem at PC and enter in BIOS mode.
    Moreover I have an other DB (Unibox 600PVR) and I do not know if there is the function in the bios of this.


    Originally posted by gutemine
    /var/script/ &

    Well.. I will add the line: /var/script/ &
    in /etc/init.d/rcS

    and the file in /var/script directory

    I will try if it works when I will be at home.



    Originally posted by gutemine
    you could simply use the webif command to press the power button with a sleep (so that enigma1 is fully running) and wget from any of the startup scripts (like rcS) to get this feature.

    Thanks to reply gutemine.
    I'm not expert in programming ... can you say me which is the webif command that I must write in rcS file?
    I have found this /var/script/

    export DREAMBOX
    sleep 20
    /bin/wget -O- "${DREAMBOX}/cgi-bin/admin?command=standby"
    exit 0

    Now whats I must write in rcS to execute that at startup?

    Thank you

    Hi friends,
    I have a trouble with the Gemini 4.5 on 7020si.
    When there is a blackout, and the DB is turn off, on the restart I would that it will going in standby automatically.
    It's possible? There is any script or function that I must activate in gemini image?