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    Hi Swiss-MAD,

    ich schätze mal, wir könnten uns der Einfachheit halber auf Deutsch bzw. Schwitzer-Dütsch unterhalten. ;-)
    Hab mich nur der Forensprache bzw. pcd's Muttersprache angepasst.

    Mit XML kenn ich mich aus, bin selber SW-Entwickler und hab jeden Tag damit zu tun, danke fürs nette Angebot. Du meinst also, ich muss alle AutoTimer screen Elemente aus dem skin.xml entfernen? Warum? Warum soll das helfen, das hab ich noch nicht ganz verstanden... ;-)

    Danke & LG aus Wien,

    Edit: Habe mir gerade das skin.xml aus dem Default-Skin Verzeichnis unter /usr/share/enigma2/<skinname> angesehen: Da gibt es keine Einträge zu AutoTimer....

    Yes, this image comes with Vali's King Size Skin as default. I also tried the second skin which is pre-installed, named "default skin" - same problem.

    Am I right, that AutoTimer itself should refresh its timers automatically? Or do I need another plugin for refreshing the timers?


    Hi pcd,

    I have the problem that the setup of the AutoTimer plugin that you included in your 3.1 and 4.1 pcd images does not work.

    What did i do:
    1.) Fresh install of pcd 4.1 image
    2.) Increase memory to hdd
    3.) Call AutoTimer plugin
    4.) Press menu
    5.) Choose Setup
    6.) I get a green screen, see the attached crash log.

    I want to setup AutoTimer because I have the problem that the plugin works correctly (when pressing save, the timers are added) but does not automatically add timers... :(

    Can you help me?

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Hi pcd,

    thanks for the new image! :)
    Skin sizes are perfect now.
    But what did you mean by "timeshift now possible"? I don't see a difference.

    By the way: the installation of the timeshiftsave plugin crashed my DM600. (no green screen but freezed picture)

    Best regards,

    Hi pcd,

    As a workaround for the problem that active recordings get corrupted when switching the dreambox from on to standby or from standby to on, I configured the dreambox to be always on in my multi-function remote control. :rolleyes:

    What keeps really annoying for me, is that I can't watch a currently recording movie and wind back- and forwards in it. I have to wait until it is finished to start watching it... ;(
    That's my main reason for having a box which is able to record TV... to start recording a movie and start watching it half an hour later to then skip the advertisement breaks.

    Have a nice day!

    In the past, I used timeshifting really often because it is a one of the best features of the dreambox. I have many timer recordings scheduled, for example recording a famous show every week which has a duration of 2:30 hours including many advertisement breaks.

    The best thing about it is, recording starts at 20:15, my friends come over at 20:45 and we started watching at 21:00 using timeshift. So we were able to skip all advertisement breaks, which is really a joy... ;-)

    So you mean, currently timeshifting is not possible? That's really sad...

    And about the second issue with standby: I thought that the difference for the dreambox between "ON" and "Standby" is only that the video output is enabled or not? Or did this change with enigma2? So the only solution for me then would be to keep the dreambox running 24/7 and never switch it off... hmmm

    I'm not sure what other users say but for me are these recording issues the only hazzle at the moment, everything else works really fine for me.

    Best Regards,

    I have the same issue as you.

    Pcd, I have attached a few screenshots showing the skin and the times with missing digits.

    Have a nice evening!


    Original von pcd
    For jpg screenshot - telnet :-

    /usr/bin/grab -j 100

    Cheers, pcd.

    Thanks for the help - after screenshooting I recognized that the skin in the dreambox just uses the whole area but is not cutted of. My television seems to cut off a litte piece but I didn't found any option in the TV's menu to tune that. Is there a possibility in enigma2 to tune the used screen area?

    And, pcd, have you already had time to try my record issue? This is really my one and only important issue I found because recording does not work correctly and that's one of my main reasons for using the Dreambox. ;-)

    Thank you very much!


    Original von pcd
    (2) Which windows have this left side problem ?

    Many windows like: the main info bar, the channel info (current program description), the multi EPG.... but for example the channel list is shown without any cutted-off sides.

    Best Regards,


    Original von pcd
    The EPGImport plugin should make a file epg_new.dat in /media/hdd. At restart enigma2 (and reboot) this file changes to epg.dat which is used by the image to make multiepg.

    I found the epg_new.dat but no epg.dat. The EPG gets refreshed every morning by EPG Import. Does this mean that I should manually restart enigma2 every day to get EPG working?

    Is the data used for single EPG and the normal channel list, too? How can I recognize if I see the normal EPG or the imported one? :)

    Oh, and I have another question: Some windows in the king size skin are cutted on the left side of my TV. Seems that the used screen size is to large. Is there any possibility to tune the screen size?

    Thank you,

    Hi pcd!

    I really appreciate your hard work and I am really happy with your enigma2 Image (just installed your 2.1 version)!

    A few issues I discovered:

    1.) If I schedule a timer, the dreambox correctly starts to record to my harddisk and the red light blinks. I am able to play the recorded movie while it is recording ("timeshift") and jump within the movie using the number buttons.

    BUT if I press the power button while recording (either for powering on or powering off the dreambox) OR if I change the channel to one of the possible ones, the recorded movie seems to get corrupted. The red led stops blinking but in the info panel I see that the dreambox is still recording. The result is a movie which I can play but which stops playing at the moment when I pressed power or changed the channel.

    That's really annoying as I often start a timer and then want to switch off the dreambox... can you help me with this?

    2.) I installed and configured EPG Import to download Sky Germany package from Rytec. That works and downloaded about 15.000 events. My question: How do I use the so downloaded EPG? Does it simply replace the default EPG shown on Info button and the Multi-EPG? I didn't see any differences to before when I used the normal EPG which gets aquired when switching to a channel.

    3.) I really like your new default skin (Vali King Size), but the info bar shows wrong formated times on the current movie, e.g.: "12:5 Next movie title" (seems that the minutes are missing a digit).

    4.) I have a 16:9 TV. How should I configure the A/V settings to watch 4:3 and 16:9 movies best? Isn't it possible to have the full 16:9 TV used by the dreambox menu, info bar, epg and so on but show 4:3 movies using a letter box?

    Thank you very much and keep the good work up! :) :)
    Best Regards,