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    suririder :
    You can use domain names as well as IP addresses to access cameras. DDNS should also work fine if the address has to be a domian URL and does not have a static IP. If the camera is on a static IP then it can be viewed directly using the IP.
    Bear in mind that if you have firewalls installed then you will have to open the port(s) for the camera(s) and set up port forwarding to the camera(s).
    Also if you expose the cameras to internet access, I suggest you use quite string passwords as a minimum security measure.

    As with all free software it takes a back seat to earning a living. When I have some time I will get back to it.

    The problems you are having has not been reported before - it might be related to new images or the specific STB.

    Current known problems are in the area of multi-view where it runs for a while and then crashes the STB. Single view PIP is not a problem.

    You realise that you can resize the PIP to fill the screen?

    In /etc/enigma2/settings are several IPCamViewer settings, remove them, but take a backup of the file first as if you corrupt it it can cause the whole box to fail. The settings take the form:

    Sadly my OpenPli build environment, for enigma1, no longer works. It has been a while since I did a build for the DM600 and in the meantime I have upgraded Ubuntu from 10.04 to 10.10, 11.04 and now 11.10. I tried setting up a new build, but it fails and looking around the web it seems it might be related to Ubuntu 11.10 and 3.0 kernel. So unfortunately I can do nothing until I manage to sort out the build environment.
    Maybe I should try and set up a standard Dreambox build. I have never done this, only used OpenPli. so some pointers on where to start would be appreciated. I found some links on the web, but they date back to 2008 and I would guess they no longer work. It looks like OpenPli no longer supports enigma1 builds (I could not find the makefile anywhere obvious).

    I have the OpenPli build for dm600 enigma1 set up :winking_face: and could do this. Your help in the setup to build enigma2 for dm600 will be much appreciated. It would also allow me to look at the jpg stuff for my plugin.

    I used the satellites.xml that came with the image, so me and PCD would have the same one.

    Good deductive work kalehrl :hurra: - and thanks for that again. I have now rescanned channels and loaded my own settings to the box, reloaded the rytec epg and it all looks very good.

    pcd: :hurra: :danke:
    Thanks for a great image. I only have one question left: If you decide to stop providing this image, is there somebody that could carry on the good work? I would hate to loose this image. Is there a chance of making the build available?

    BTW, if you leave the copy, rather than move, in, then the EPG gets recached if you reboot the box. With the move, you have to re-import and parse.

    It si fine now, it went unavailable from download panek for about 10 minutes.

    Did you see the solution for the EPG above. It looks like the scanning function in the image is broken/producing incorrect output compared to required output in lamedb.

    Did the lamedb generator change at some point?

    Of some interest is that the lamedb on the DM500HD looks the same as the one scanned by the PCD DM600 image. But it must be noted that the DM500HD has enigma2 v 2.1. I don't know what version PCD image is.

    Thank you very much for that, it now works. I have compared the lamedb generated by scanning the channels and it is quite different from the one you supplied. Where did you get that lamedb from? I think if I need to rescan the channels, because they have moved or there are new ones, then I will loose the EPG again.

    As you can see below there is a huge difference between the 2 lamedbs.

    Your lamedb:



    0002:1:0 p:BSkyB,c:00140d,c:01090f,c:02090e,c:03090d


    My scanned lamedb:



    Well I stll have no EPG but it seems to get a bit further after I changed the 011a to 011c in rytec.channels.xml.

    It now finds over 3000 events and when I restart enigma I get the following:

    and later in the log

    I will now reflash the box again to get back to original setttings and just change the rytec.channels.xml file and see how it goes.

    Thanks for that. I also get 011c0000 as above, so that is the problem. However on the DM500hd I also get 011c0000 and there it works.

    I use the plugin provided in your image.

    I am really happy with the image - it would just be great to make the EPG work. Thanks for your effort.

    Thanks for all your help.
    The lines are different between my lamedb (after I rescanned the channels);
    THE 011a0000 (your example) in my lamedb is 011c0000 - the rest is identical.
    The channels files are of course the same (011a0000).
    Does this difference matter. I dont know what the layouts of these files are.

    I looked on the dm500hd and those numbers are the same as on my dm600 and the dm500hd works, so I guess those are not used for matching.

    Thanks for that. I copied the files to the right places, checked permissions, restarted the box and no difference.

    All channels are still 'unknown',

    I am wondering, could you send me your lamedb as that is now the only remaining file used. I know that yours might contain sats I dont have (I only have 28.2E 19.2E and 13E), but as long as it has 28.2E I could test fi that is the problem.

    I copied lamedb from DM500HD to the Dm600 - this increased the number of events from 1090 to over 3000 but when enigma restarts it still loads 0 events, but it no longer complains about wrong byte order.