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Wir haben aktuell ein Problem mit dem Board und arbeiten an der Lösung...

-> Aktuell bereiten wir das Upgrade auf die aktuelle Version 6 von Woltlab vor.

    Happy New Year to All!

    Why Infobar disappeared in media player the last few months?
    The problem probably not in the skins that use, but maybe in the image.
    I noticed that whit open pli image by clicking on OK and Infobar are showing , but in experimental images is not.
    Is there a way to correct this?
    With edit on a file or?

    With ext3 it still freezing videos,
    but now with ext4 speed of transfer is up to 10-11MB/s.
    Will temporarily use another image from May to June without GP3 , around for someone to fix the problem with the G-streamer (if someone does pay attention).

    I did not make myself clear - it's that constantly freezes sometimes for a second or two, sometimes for 20-30 seconds when watching a clip from the hard drive.
    Problem is not in a HDD,I formated it on a ext4 and still do that.
    From another forum I found out that the problem is in the last Gstreamer. So I went back to an old image, however, it appears that I can not install GP3...
    Any ideas?
    edit: the box is 800SE

    Can I install the latest experimental and on it to put the old gstreamer - but where can I find and remove or not such an option
    Today I flashed my receiver 11 or 12 times while the files are successfully with experimental release from 03.May.2013

    Where can I download an older version of GP3 to work on experimental image of May or June , because with the new images crash/lagg is obtained when watching a file from the hard drive, I understand the problem was in the new version of Gstreamer.
    Another option is to change GP3 and pass the equivalent.

    What should I change to alternating current only an hour and a logo of the channel.
    With DM800SE and I give LCDLogoUhrRefSe - are display and the current event.
    I edit something lines but now showing : picon for 10 seconds , then 10 seconds - nothing - oly black screen , and 10 seconds - the current hour , but not in the center but in the upper.
    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad language.

    Here is file who's changes :

    I have a strange problem with the satellite channels HORIZONS 85е degrees.
    As scan channels list of all the satellite channels empty and only appear in the list of providers.
    Do you have ideas on what the problem might be coming.
    I'm with the final experimental image.

    edit: problem is solved. Is in the settings.

    Copy option from one image and putting in another

    Can an option from one image to be "copy" and placed in another image. For example, in a setting openPli subtitles - and TXT and DVB - change size, color, screen position, transparency or complete removal of the black box that is there in the dvb subtitles of some channels.
    Can the next's images of iCVS to appear similar option?

    Hi Aladin25!

    I want to ask : can you move Icon is displayed in pixels down 5-6 and 2-3 pixels to the left if you use the icons size 100 x 60 obtained that the attached pic (in the bottom shows part of the progress bar), because the most of my icons is 100 x 60 .Which file should be edit? Or no way to do what I want.
    Thanks in advance