commands typing for telnet

  • hello emanuel

    thanks for the work you have done but i need your help the exact wording for commands telnet i try everything but comes with error /data/android # ./ /dev /mmcblk1 that is what i type in

    i get this error -bash: /data/android: Is a directory

    thanks in advance

  • Don' know what you want to do, but you should try this command:
    ./ /dev/mmcblk1
    Take care of blanks and no blanks.
    W/o any warranty!

    DM900 UHD mit DVB-T2 | OE2.5 unstable 4.3.1r28 mit GP3.3

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  • Dibagger thank you

    yes thats what i was going to do i was putting space between them .

    thanks again