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    Originally posted by tass_stass
    Thank you for your replies. I sent an email to DMM twice and they have not bothered to reply... I am very disappointed cos the 7025 seems to be a very good machine but Nova is the main reason I have satellite tv...

    Any ideas if there is a way to bypass this problem at least temporarily?


    Officially DMM only support their own Dreamcrypt cards (for legal reasons) so I wouldn't expect a reply regarding Irdeto.

    I would think that a phoenix interface connected to the serial port would work ok with NewCS and Irdeto, the problem is debug on the serial port needs disabling and no one here seems to know how to do this on the 7025.


    Originally posted by jjbig
    could you post the log of new*s? maybe the card is noch recognised. And if you start evo*d, what does the log tell you?

    Hmm, perhaps you didn't believe what I wrote above, try reading THIS instead :winking_face: the file /etc/enigma2/config using unix compatible editor

    2. look for this line config.av.yuvenabled=0

    3. change it to config.av.yuvenabled=1

    4. save the config back to /etc/enigma2/config

    5. from telnet killall enigma2

    6. the you will also have choice in menu of YPbPr

    job done :)

    There is a problem with the 7025 sci drivers which makes it not possible to init irdeto cards ! We need a fix from DMM for that !

    In the meantime if someone can tell us how to disable debug from the rs232 serial port the we could probably get irdeto working with newcs with a phoenix interface.


    Originally posted by Bunyip1958
    Can Evocam decode D+ on a 7025 ??
    Regards Bunyip

    yes, no problem with correct key files of course :winking_face:


    Originally posted by RH_Dreambox
    The new Gemini2 does not work 100% with Canal Digital on Thor.
    National Geografic has sound but no picture. Other channels seems to work OK.

    I had the same the 1st time i went to National Geografic, I then zapped away and back again and now ok.

    I find there a a few channels where the audio dissapears after a few seconds.

    I don't think these are gemini problems, just Enigma2 bugs