Plugin for DLNA for music or MP3

  • Hi All and hope the summer is treating you good!

    is there any plug in to make me listen to my mp3 coming from my twonky server ? i have DM800

    thank you

  • hi!

    Gemini already has an integrated upnp (=DLNA) client, with it you can access your folders and files from your twonky server!
    Just go to BluePanel - services/daemons to configure it.

  • You could also use djmount and a "fuse"d filesystem. Search in the forum, there are some topics.

    Although I would recommend that you establish a NFS or CIFS mount since this UPNP stuff is sometimes rather unstable, slow and error prone.


  • With my upnp-plugin you can browse the mediaservers in the network and play files.

    Gruss Dre

    Developer Project Merlin