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    i ask again...does anybody have a tip for this problem?? im running the gemini2-200-dm 2006 11 22 image with cam3 and a diablo light. i try the diablo in another reciever -->kathrein558 and it works no problem.

    every other providier i have no problems whatsoever. only on the pids section i have only 1 audio pid..normally there has to be two, no?

    again i´d appreciate all/any tips..


    yo @ all...

    got a problem..where ? ? can i change the audio pids??

    on tps..i only recieve only the french audio..and i dont speak french.:0

    hence my do i change the audio pid´s on the tps channels??

    when i go through audio..i have 2 options french/english -1-french works fine

    -2-english is silent.

    thanks in advance..

    cold007 aka tommy