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    i have a little problem i try to install again the gp skin glassline (sd skin) from blue pannel. For the dreambox the dowload are complete but in the skin menu for change skin, the skin are not present.

    i have the last gp3 installed

    IF i look on the folder in ftp where usually the skin are installed /usr/skin/enigma2 the folder nemesis.glassline.gp3 are not present also if for the blue pannel she is installed.

    I try with a other dreambox800 who are no skin install for see if the problem are present, it's the same => for the blue pannel the skin are download correcty but the skin are not present.

    I see to from a dreambox from a friend who have the skin who are installed correctly if you remove the skin but you don't change the skin before you remove the glass line skin, if you reboot the dreambox the dreambox crash permanently.

    For resolve this you need when the box reboot, before she crash, you need to go fast with ftp to the folder where the skin are installed and remove the folder "nemesis.glassline.gp3" who are not correclty remove and a this time the dreambox doesn't crash anymore.

    Somes know how resolve this or it's a bug with this skin or where i can download the skin manually ?.

    I like this skin, she is the only on who are in sd and the only who have a picture who stay on the top right when you change the channel.


    mamba0815, im agree with you, for my case stay with gemini ;).

    But users who know nothing and buy a dreambox for wath only tv with they legal subscriptions, they use automatic installation for the cam and put the card and they can watch tv.

    If now they cannot make that, you can imagine we'll tell them not to use the image gemini.


    first sorry they are alot of topics but i don't understand german and use translator you have 20% words who are correctly translated.

    i just saw you change the politic about cam in the blue pannel.

    I m agree with that, it's your decision, you have right some users don't respect anything about rules, somes use too for make piracy, etc ...

    But now, few remarks about that :

    - Who will still use the Gemini image now? (new users and old users who flash again their receivers)
    - a lot of users change image to new enigma, edg, etc ...
    - you have an official card that is sold only card I could not use it now with a dreambox, unless you use a different image than that of Gemini, or you need use a other receivers.
    - They are a lot of users they just download cam, install in automatic and put the card in the card slot and watch tv.

    My opinion and it's just a opinion, i think you killed yourself by taking this decision, which is unfortunate because gemini it's a superb image.



    i hope some one can help me, i just installed gemini 5.10 on a dreambox 500 hd to my friend.

    i try to enable parental control with gemini 5.1 but impossible to enable.

    the channel are correctly protected on dreamboxedit, but on the dm 500hd they refuse to accept control parental.

    I choose black list on setting, but nothing change.

    I try also to protect with the option when a lock appear on the users bouquets, in this moment the parental control work correctly but if you reboot the dm500, the lock disapear.

    i try to find if a update exit for resolve this problem but nothing.

    ps : With old version of gemini the parental control work correctly.

    this problem appear too with the dm800 with 5.1 image also

    they are a solution for resolve this problem please ???


    ty for this new version but problem with instant record are not again resolve with a nas hdd (my book workd edition II)

    when you push red button you have always message " size are less than <100 mb"

    all recording path are correct; programmation ok, view ok, ... only instant record doesn't work.

    With version before the 5.0 instant record work.


    ty for reply

    what exactly you want for more details ?

    my nfs hdd are a WD my book world edition II 2gb on raid1 (new model not with bleue circle)

    if i look on the settings it's the same i had on the old image and when i press red button, i can use intant record. Now with this image always the same message => size less than 100 mb (i try when nfs drive are on standby and when he is working nothing works)

    on my config i have this :

    file auto network after i change with remote control and put correct entry

    video -fstype=nfs,rw,soft,tcp,nolock,rsize=32768,wsize=32768

    on the menu=>setting=>recording paths i have the correct patch for have access on to the nfs hard drive (right on nfs are on 775)

    If i programm a recording with programation option, it's works perfeclty and watch the record too without any problem, just only instant record who sux :evil:


    I just installed the version 5.0 dm800 gemini, it works well but there is a bug with the NFS. I configured everything (NFS path for direct recording, patch where is nfs, etc...). If I program a record with programmation, it works perfectly, and if i want look after the record work very well.

    But there is one thing that does not work is the direct recording when I press the red button, I always get the message => size is less than 100 mb (patch correct too for the instant record).

    I have rechecked the settings, all is good, but impossible to use direct recording.

    With the old images that worked well.

    Did you this same problem ?

    I have a question too what file in the dreambox are the file for the language ?, because they are somes missing translation in my country.



    i have a question about image for dm500hd, for upgrade image with dream up for dm500hd a driver is needed for the pc.

    If you read on the user manual in dream multimedia site web, on page 60, a driver is needed for the pc for upgrade with last dream up and we need to download this on the dowload on home page.

    But on the home page site web dream multimedia in section download, they are not driver available, for dm500hd for the pc.

    Someone know where we can find this driver ?


    thanks for new image.

    where i can look if they are new version of language translation, because with french language they are somes options who stay in english. In old version the translation are good in version 4.50 for example

    It's not a problem but if we can download new version of translation for dm800 ;)

    i see 2 thinks who are not translate to french, they are somes other menu or text but this 2 are usually used => shutdown, network.

    A question : it's not possible for gimini team when you update your dreambox with bleue pannel from update menu, when the update are make they are remove from the list ?



    i don't know if it's a bug or not in the 4.4, but sometimes when you ask to the dreambox to restart, she doesn't restart completly, dm800 restart only the enigma, you need to ask to restart again for a complete restart.

    The same with shutdown you ask a shutdown, dm800 restart engima, you need again after the enigma restart, ask a shutdown for a complete shutdown.

    Maybe a new version resolve that because since last gimini 4.4, 101 experimentals go out :)

    ask too in the future version first boot after flashing, don't have HD skin who are by default (all users doesn't have yet HD tv ;) )


    ty for help

    yes, folder movie are create, the problem is, i can record correctly movie, etc ...

    but most of time when the hdd go out of standby mode, the dreambox cannot record with the message i write before.


    i have a problem with western digital my book 500gb and the dreambox 800 (gimini 420 with last fix 06.05). Most of time when i record movie and if the hdd are in standby, the dreambox send a signal to the hdd for wake up.

    The hdd wake up but when the dreambox start to record to the hdd i have a message on the screen => cannot record to the hard driver, hard driver are full ?.

    I thing this problem come from the standby mode on the hard drive, some one of you know how to resolve that, maybe a fonction in the dreambox ?

    ty for help

    :) thanks for the image and somes new fonctions :)

    just one think who are not totally resolve it's the strenght of the signal now i have 45%, before 9% on old image, hope next image resolve completly this little problem ;)


    i just receive dm800 today, so i install gemini 3.80 all work fine, but they are a little thing who are strange.

    I have a lnb twin, on the firt out of lnib i have a dreambox 7020, i have a signal +- 90%, if i test the second out of lnb with 7020, it's the singal it's the same, now with the dreambox 800, the signal strenght are only 18% on all out of lnb but i receive all pictures all channels works.

    It's possible know if they are a setting mabye who show correctly the strenght of the signal or if it's a bug in the image ?

    second question it's possible protect the http on the dm800 with a password i protect the ftp with a telnet command =>passwd but only the ftp are protect but not the http ?

    ty for help :)