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    i tried to install gp4 in oe 2.5 DM820 ( dreambox-image-deb-dm820-20190911.tar.xz ) this image.
    i tried :
    wget -O /tmp/geminilocale_all.deb…unstable/geminilocale.php && dpkg -i /tmp/geminilocale_all.deb

    and local install.
    but unsuccessfully.

    i have dm800 se .
    I have problem with play WebTV in my Microsoft edge in laptop .when I open WebTV I can change channel but without picture.
    In internet explorer is same.and google chrome too.
    when choose icon stream in channel list vlc open channel but i want use web tv.
    can anybody help ?
    i have win 10 and last VLC.

    i have DM800Se .
    and i have many movies with subtitles.
    when i put my movies+sub in HDD DM800se with default skin every thing is ok and subtitle is ok when i play a movie.
    but when i change my skin to dmcocinnity .subtitle have problem and in skin doesn't show all word . like : i ...ave a ca..
    now i want to know default skin use which font and can i change font in dmconcinnity like dafalu skin ?

    i have 3 viaccess cards.
    tv brazzers

    when i put cards in my dreamboxs ( DM500-7020-800se) no channels open?
    i must set emu in my dreamboxs and it work.
    why dreambox dont work with my cards?
    i test original image too but noting.

    i test it with many ways and i found final ways.
    if you want install original image it is not problem and every things work OK.
    but if you want install other plugin or ipk files you must use usb flash drive and other plugin like flashexpander and after that you can use GP3 plugin or other ipk files like skin...
    i installed original image and after that gp3 and it open but when i want change network or ... i see green screen.
    so install original with usb drive or install other images like openAtv or merlin3 or ....
    thanks for your help.

    I try to install gp3.2 in my dm800se .
    I installed last original image and after that I installed gp3 v.028 and I don't know why topic name is ver 0.81 ?
    After installation in plugin menu I see gemini3 wizard and when I open it plugin installed and d800 restarted.
    But in plugin menu I see again gemini3 wizard and when I open it again installation and notting ?

    after many days i change my image today again.
    i used original image and GP plugin.
    when i installed original image my new HDD 3.5 work ok and after that i installed GP plugin and every things worked ok.
    today i back to merlin-gemini image and i have problem with my HDD again.
    i am sure problem is from GP device manager.
    when i installed new merlin-gemini image and "setup---devices---storage device" i can see my HDD but : unsupported partition .
    and i cant initialize it.
    i go to GP device manager and i see 2 part :
    1- HDD 930gb
    2- swap 1gb
    and after many tries i unmounted swap in gp device manager and after that i go to :
    setup---devices---storage device
    and i see : please initialize HDD .
    but i cant initialize HDD yet and i see : unable to create partition.
    but now i can mount HDD and i can see my hdd and i can record on that.

    I have many movies with subtitle (I am persian ) and I can see this movies in my tv without problem.
    Now I have dm7080 with hdd 1tr.
    Question :
    How can I see this movies in my dm7080 with subtitles ?
    Vlc do it in pc.
    Any plugin can do it in dm7080 ?

    i installed this skin but skin is very simple.
    i need many other components like decode info ecm/emm address signal resolution ....
    i am new in dm7080.
    i had vu+ and i had dmconcinnity hardy mod and it was great.
    now i want skin to give me many info like weather too.

    i reinstall last original image again and install gp3 again and download zombi skin

    i test tv in 16:9 & 4:3 and all mode and every things are OK
    i installed other images like merlin and oozoon and skins was OK.
    i set tv in 16:9 and pics are attached.
    you can see in 4:3 mode skin is bigger than frame.
    i test in av setting in dm7080 every modes but no success.


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