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    If you want your stream.ts filename to be the same as the AVI filename you can do it this way:

    Echo off
    dir %1 /b >_tmp.txt
    set /P StreamName=<_tmp.txt
    del _tmp.txt
    %ProgramFiles%\VideoLan\VLC\vlc" -vvv %1 :sout=#transcode{vcodec=mp2v,vb=3072,scale=1,acodec=mp2a,ab=192,channels=2}:duplicate{dst=std{access=file,mux=ts,dst="D:\MyVideos\DreamShare\%StreamName%.ts"}}


    I have tried your script but when I excecute the script I get:

    -sh: /usr/bin/ Permission denied

    This is what i have done:

    I have copyed som .META files to /media/hdd/temp (because I would like to test the script before running on /media). I have also changet DIRMOVIE variable to this dir in the SH file.

    I have created the file "/media/hdd/weinbergtagger/Funniest". The file has this content:

    I get the same error when executing with the "mkaftertagger" parameter.

    I am not sure I completely understand what the script does as my german is not so good. But your script looks interesting! :)