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    Hello all,

    Since this update, the subtitle plugin 2sub is not working anymore, so i have to use the built in subtitles.

    But the colour is red. How can i change this colour to White ?


    Solved, just edit the "skin.xml" of the skin you are using (found under usr/share/enigma2/<YOUR_SKIN_NAME>/).

    The section to be edited is (i have also chosen larger font as you see):

    <sub font="Regular;38" foregroundColor="#FFFFFF" name="Subtitle_TTX" shadowColor="#30101010" shadowOffset="2,2"/>
    <sub font="Regular;38" foregroundColor="#FFFFFF" name="Subtitle_Regular" shadowColor="#30101010" shadowOffset="2,2"/>
    <sub font="Regular;38" foregroundColor="#FFFFFF" name="Subtitle_Bold" shadowColor="#30101010" shadowOffset="2,2"/>
    <sub font="Regular;38" foregroundColor="#FFFFFF" name="Subtitle_Italic" shadowColor="#30101010" shadowOffset="2,2"/>

    *EDIT 2*

    For editing the subtitle posistion (i have lowered it a bit):

    <screen backgroundColor="transparent" flags="wfNoBorder" name="SubtitleDisplay" position="0,60" size="1280,720" zPosition="-1"/>

    Full reboot needed (not just GUI reboot) !


    Originally posted by yaesudx
    Yes it's a common bug by DMM not working in new images with SSL 84

    Ahh.. Thank's for clarifying m8. Spent the whole morning reinstalling because i thought i was doing something wrong..

    With the author having discontinued the plugin, seem's like we are stuck then :loudly_crying_face:

    Wonder if i should revert back to former iCVS then..

    Know of any alternatives to 2sub m8 (besides the crappy build in Enigma2 one) ?


    Message given when started manually, by the way:

    * *
    * iCVS Image *
    * *
    * *
    * *

    welcome on your dreambox!
    Kernel 2.6.18-7.4-dm800 (#1 Sat Oct 29 20:14:51 CEST 2011).
    dm800 login: root
    2SUB &
    [1]- Done(127) gSUB
    root@dm800:~# 2SUB: Booting...
    2SUB: Version: 3.01.00
    2SUB: Compiled at: May 13 2010 15:58:43
    2SUB: TXTSubtitle created.
    2SUB: PESFilter created.
    2SUB: PMTLoader created.
    2SUB: Application created.
    2SUB: Dreambox:800
    2SUB: Load settings from: /etc/2SUB.conf
    2SUB: CONFIG: BackgroundColor = 00000044
    2SUB: CONFIG: CenterText = 1
    2SUB: CONFIG: CollisionDetection = 1
    2SUB: CONFIG: ExtraYSize = 0
    2SUB: CONFIG: Font = /usr/share/fonts/md_khmurabi_10.ttf
    2SUB: CONFIG: FontSize = 28
    2SUB: CONFIG: Language = dan
    2SUB: CONFIG: OSDMessages = 0
    2SUB: CONFIG: OutlineColor = 000000ff
    2SUB: CONFIG: OutlineSize = 2
    2SUB: CONFIG: PaletteBackgroundColor = 24
    2SUB: CONFIG: PaletteOutlineColor = 24
    2SUB: CONFIG: PaletteTextColor = 31
    2SUB: CONFIG: RecDelay = 4
    2SUB: CONFIG: RowSpace = 5
    2SUB: CONFIG: SecondaryLanguage = eng
    2SUB: CONFIG: StartXPos = 60
    2SUB: CONFIG: StartYPos = 0
    2SUB: CONFIG: SubtileType = 2
    2SUB: CONFIG: TextColor = ffffffff
    2SUB: CONFIG: UseBackground = 2
    2SUB: CONFIG: UseDVBFirst = 1
    2SUB: CONFIG: UseExternalChannels = 1
    2SUB: CONFIG: WideExtraYSize = 0
    2SUB: CONFIG: WideFontSize = 28
    2SUB: CONFIG: WideRowSpace = 0
    2SUB: CONFIG: WideStartYPos = 0
    2SUB: Stop PES decoding...
    2SUB: Stoping PESFilter thread.
    2SUB: Clean up PES queue.

    Don't think it has to do with GP3, m8.

    For me it was working fine with GP3, but today after i installed newst iCVS on my DM800, iCVS-Image-dm800-20111121185945, it has stopped working.

    It installs fine, but doesn't seem to run..

    Would appreciate if anyone could confirm these issues, or have a solution ?

    Hmm.. So do you mean, that to have "nomal extended" infobar, SecondInfobar doesn't even need to be installed ?

    But then wouldn't you miss some of the information, since some sensors are depending on SecondInfobar plugin?

    1 request, 1 question:

    1- Letters Æ and æ is not shown /strange letters shown instead). Could this be fixed please?

    2- When infobar is shown, and i press ok a "lite" infobar is shown, and i need to press ok once again to exit. How can i configure so ok exits directly (played around with all SecondInfobar settings and no luck..)

    Thx in advance :)


    Originally posted by zbigzbig20
    As I wrote. It's missing one PNG (dish.png) You should update all files not only xml. In my dm8000 all skins wotking good with latest changes. It's only your fault... cya

    OK, solved:

    I had put dish.png in:


    Understand it should be in:


    So have to create "icons" folder first.. :winking_face:

    Hmm.. Just updated.. Where did subtitles go ? It used to be in main menu.

    I use 2sub for SD channels, but that can't subtitle HD channels, which i use the internal for.

    So where did "internal" subtitle function go ?

    Anyone please :face_with_rolling_eyes:?

    Hello hansi1234567,

    Was this as an answer to my crashlog or ? I use Gemini 5.0.

    Hmm... I need to understand one thing:

    It says "skin.xml goes to classic font folder."

    But shouldn't we have 4 of these skin.xml, one for each "type" available in original DMConcinnity:

    - classic-font
    - classic-font-2ib
    - new-font
    - new-font-2ib

    Because i use "new-font-2ib", then i guess i can't use the skin.xml included, since it's fitted to "classic-font", right ?

    And by the way, i get a crash (have put all files in correct place):


    Original von mafioso80
    @ kraksen, geht leider nicht mit der besagten Einstellung.

    LOL sorry m8, since i barely understand German, i thought that you asked why you had no info shown in the bar marked.

    But now after translating it, i undertsand that you want to get RID of that bar totally.

    So sorry, i have totally misunderstood you!

    You have to actually choose one of the skins NOT having 2IB in the end of the name in the skin selector!


    Originally posted by mafioso80
    Gefällt mir richtig gut der Alu-Mod. Eine Sache stört mich ein wenig. In der Infobar ist der schwarze untere Balken mit den Verschlüsselungsinfos nicht wegzubekommen. Ich benötige ihn zumindest nicht. Bitte um Hilfe.



    BluePanel--> Settings--> Infobar--> Show ECM Expert Info = Infobar :winking_face: