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    Originally posted by Swiss-MAD

    When the Release Version is ready, i will send you a prepared italian .po file with all HelpText in English. That's it's much easier for you to translate. Because the HelpText had in the plugin self only placeholders.

    Yes, I know. I translated the help text for rel. 3.0.0 looking into german and english .mo files embedded with the package ;)
    But now I'll wait for your file to update the translation.
    Thanks again a lot!

    Well, I had my update for italian locale ready for rel. 3.0.0... but now I have to update it again! ;)
    Anyway, it's not a problem, I'll send you the new version as soon as I could, so you may insert it into the new package.
    BTW, especially now that the plugin is no longer open source, a .pot file would be very helpful for translator.
    Otherwise translation update could be a little nightmare... and a bad work.


    Originally posted by izibizi
    can someone direct me to a how to add language support to enigma2?

    If you mean how to add a new language to enigma2, the best way is to join "enigma2 Translation Project" HERE.
    If the language you need isn't still present or if it's present but you are interested to partecipate, join the team and start translating!
    If you mean something else, like add language support to a plugin, you have to be more precise in your question.

    Great work, really! :hurra:
    I want to thank you personally for your availability and kindness, in my name and in name of all translators (waiting for other languages translations).
    You are really great! :danke:

    Due to the absolute lack of applications like this one into enigma2 envirenement, I'm quite sure that it could arouse considerable interest.
    But I have a couple of suggestion/request about it:

    First, please, make it translateable

    Then, please don't code in german but in english, otherwise the interest of all users who do not speak German (like me) will not consider your work, inevitably.
    I tried to do it by myself, and it even seems to work, but I'm not a coder, only a translator, and my pythn skills are very very poor...
    In my opinion, the best would be the plugin coded in english, made translateable and with its own po directory ready for other translations, as I think (dream) it should be for every plugin...
    What do you (and other users) think about?


    In attachment, my update for italian translation of your plugin LiveScores.
    The .ipk file shall automatically check if an old translation exists: if yes, it will make a backup before installing the new one.
    At installation end, enigma2 will be automatically restarded.
    Could you please be so kind to move it into first post? Thanks a lot!

    Sorry... but ask adenin before: maybe he has some other suggestions.
    I know you have a unicable matrix, but 800 problems are with unicable disecq commands, and not with lnb...

    Sorry, but I can't speak german...

    dm800 has some problems with unicable settings (Adenin could be more precise about it).
    You could try changing the value of "Tone Amplitude" parameter, setting it to 600 mV (default is 800 mV)
    You can find it under tuner config (it's the last parameter).
    With SCR LNB it works, so I hope it could work also for you.
    It seems that the problem is a bug into some tuners, that are not stable when changing from 13V to 18V.
    The change isn't stable, and tension rises up for a very little period (about 1 ms).

    If this trick doesn't solve, you could also try to activate disecq mode 1.1, and then change into SatelliteEquipmentControl the "Delay after last diseqc command" parameter from 50 to 150, and encrease the number of disecq repeats.
    Hoping that it could be useful... ;)

    Hi vali, great work! :hurra:
    Thx a lot.

    BTW, making italian translation of DreamExplorer, I found a couple of little typo into
    So, if you think it could be useful, here you can find a simple diff to correct them ;)




    Originally posted by majevica
    Thank you for the translation of this plugin. Would you be so good as to translate the help file.
    Thank you for your most beautiful

    Here's the italian translation for help ;)

    Thx a lot again.




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