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    Originally posted by gutemine
    Have you apllied the fix which is downloadable via the Blue Panel ?


    Applied now and all seems fine, thankyou dude :)
    le: it seems the problem re-appeared, dunno whats wrong really but is weird
    swap is active, 256 mb on usb stick but stil blocky at recording accessing the web if

    I wanna ask something about dm800. I discovered yesterday that while recording an HD stream, accessing the web interface or downloading something from dm`s hdd it results a crap capture of the HD stream. I remember in the old gemini images this never happened to me (now gp 4.20). Is it normal? My hdd is connected via e-sata port. Btw, the write speed on its hdd via localhost (the upload bandweight to dmm) never been bigger than 3.5 MB/s (~28 mbit/s). Is this normal too? Which is guilty, ethernet interface or e-sata? Using usb could be better?

    i wanna make public a problem with dm 800, since i have it, never worked ok. The problem is radio package from digi tv (0.8w), which plays it with interruptions. Dunno if its gemini problem or hardware fault, but if some developer see this, and has time, he can try and make a test.

    Hello, first, sorry for english but i know no german and tehre was no gp 4.20 thread on english corner
    I installed it, works fine...but first problem i noticed: crypto symbol which is used doesnt become green anymore on each skin i tested. Plus, ecm info doesnt appear even if is checked in menu to show, not even in window.


    Originally posted by ChickenRun
    Neue Version im Anhang:

    now opens timer tab but still buggy, selecting soemthing from bouquets nothing opens, it remains on that category selected
    sorry for english, i know no german :(

    As the title of topic can we optimize transfer on dm800 for ftp? When i had gemini 3.80 it was like...~90 mbit when stand-by mode was on, now on gp 3.90 never goes upper than 50 mbit (on stand-by mode)
    I checked the cables, nothing changed

    the problem is: from receiver: DVI-->1080i
    overall HD signal from any sat provider is rendered ok
    problem comes when im switching to SD signal which seems to be deinterlaced in a wrong way...which means: tv textures like logos, scrolling texts sometimes are let interlaced. I know that the tv must do the deinterlace but i really dont know where the problem comes from...
    Other strange thing is, playing an 720p movie i see strange horizontal lines like...interlaced picture..Isnt that strange? the file is progressive...
    Any advice?

    someone can teach me the trich how to use it? im using gemini 3.90 and after a search with it, pressing ok on a video it requests me for vlc server. This really needs vlc server on localhost to play a video from youtube? And why my youtube account gives me "login not successful"?
    thank you


    Originally posted by Achille17
    Since I've updated to gemini 3.90 (flashed instead of 3.80), I can no more add a new timer via the Web Interface.

    Does anyone has the same problem?

    Or is there a limitation in the number of timers allowed?

    tested here and it works, the many web-if bugs were fixed
    try to create "movie" dir on your hdd


    Originally posted by Homey[GER]

    Anyway, I am sure the DEVs will take care about it and fix it. Just give them some days :)

    good to know that somebody will hear us :)
    please tell them to fix that "lag" between HD channels change and sometimes changing from SD or HD to another HD channel it loads only the sound and image remains black. This is a bit buggy too
    Thanks again :)