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    I have some problems with my new dreambox 7020HD and the ICVS image iCVS-Image-dm7020hd-20111122122115.nfi.

    Sometimes,during the zapping, i have a black screen, i must to reboot the dream...

    I have tested the new Oozoon image (with the new driver and new SSL) no problems with it.

    My question : Is there a new image ICVS available?? (with new SSL 86 and new drivers)???
    If yes, how can i find it??

    Many thanks for your feedback.


    Thanks for your reply.

    Maybe that I am badly expressed. ?(
    I would like to put in yellow the text after the Channel (In the channel selection menu).
    Sorry for my bad english


    i have a dreambox 800 HD. i use dtv-hd-le skin.

    I would like to modify the file skin.xml to have on my Gemini2 4.6 image the progressbar in the main channel list in yellow as in the gemini2 5.1.
    I have found the line to modify but, when I modify my file xml, I have a crash when loading with the dreambox. Can somebody help me?