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    Dear friends,

    I have a problem with the DVB-T module on my DB7025. Has anybody else the same problem?

    The problem is that the box changes alone to video input while I'm watching any channel under terrestrial tuner. To solve the problem, I need to switch off into standby and switch on again.

    There are times that this problem appears after 2 hours, and others in less than one minute. And is even worst if the selected signal to TV is RGB.

    The DVB-S is in slot 1, and DVB-T in slot 2.

    SCART to TV is on TV connection, and from Video SCART I obtain the signals to the amplifier with a scart to RCAs cable.

    The problem is the same with Dream image (08 november) and Gemini 2.0 (22 november). It didn't exist with Gemini 1.7.

    Inside the configuration menu, VCR auto switch is disabled.

    Any help to solve the issue will be very appreciated, or the contact to anybody who has the same problem.



    try now the mount instruction:

    mount /dev/scsi/host1/bus0/target0/lun0/disc /mnt/usb

    And if successfull:

    cd /mnt/usb

    the files you had on the stick should appear on the list

    To remove the stick, first you need to unmonut:

    umount -f /mnt/usb

    I hope that you have working the USB stick.



    two options, first, when you plug the Memory Stick, what have you got under /dev/usb ?

    the second, under Blue button, Extras/settings, Kernel Modules, Devices activate the USB stik/Hdd support

    Good luck,


    Original von 1184jap
    Has anyone done a backup on 7025 to a USB stick?. If it has been done can someone please tell how. My 7025 will not recognise USB stick.


    did you mount the USB stick?

    You can do with an instruction simillar to this:
    mount /dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc /mnt/usb

    First you need to know which host and so on, going to cd /dev/scsi and ls

    Hope it can help you,


    yes, questions answered. All the functionalities I wish are there. As I told you, I don't know german, so your translation was perfect.

    In any case, you did a perfect and very useful work.

    One of the reasons why I bought a DB is this ability and when I opened 7025 and saw there wasn't, I was really worry about it.

    Please, think on me if you want to test more functionalities or to help you on any development. I'm computer analyst and I have a clear view of what I want on a project and the tools than can be useful.

    Again, thanks a lot for your plugin.



    your work was very good, so you don't need to reinvent anything. The very good of this software is the OS basic. The queue file exists inside Unix long time ago and what to say about redirection...

    But in any case and like you said, my questions are:

    Can we say that yellow key is my favourites list? (conf file located at /etc)

    and the other is, when I select a genre, where are you looking for? On an internal list? or are you checking on Internet? If it's the last one, would be interested to have a menu option to copy to our "favourites".



    very good work... but I'm pretty sure that you are a Python expert.

    It's just what I (and probably more people) wanted.

    The only thing is that my german is close to nothing and I don't understand most of your comments at Documentation web site. Specially those ones referred to the genre look for.

    Another thing is the translation, if you want, I can help you on English and Spanish ones.

    In any case, thanks a lot for your PlugIn. I'm enjoying it in this moment.


    Hi all,

    I found another way to listen a shoutcast stream on the 7025. Probably it'll work with TS streams coming from VLC (I'll test this afternoon).

    The method is the following:

    1. Create a FIFO pipe on one folder (not flash)

    mknod streaming.mp3 p

    2. Inject the streaming from the preferred shoutcast station

    wget -q -O- > streaming.mp3

    3. Go to Media Player, find the streaming.mp3 file and press Play

    I'll try a TS stream this afternoon. Let you know.

    I think that any expert can include this tip onto a Python script in order to get it controlled by the remote, to download and show the official shoutcast XML lists, etc... or, to control from the DreamBox the VLC streaming...

    Enjoy like me,