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    Question for the maker off Gimini
    Is it possible to make a Gimini enigma2 image
    i run now one from newnigma2 2.3 and i must say it's running smoot
    and may more people want one for the 600

    Greeting Vampier

    i have a weird problem whit my DB600

    I have a viosat dish whit 4 duo lnb'd to 2 DiSEqC switches (4way)
    than the 2 cables goes to my DB7025
    from there on line out from tuner 1 goes a cable to my DB600 upstairs
    and i have load a settinglist from
    astra 1
    astra 2
    astra 3
    but when i choose astra 2 sky channels he said service not found
    after that i rescan the transponder and than he finds all the 28.2 channels on 28.4
    how is that possible ?
    als the singal en strengt ara arround 90% from all lnb's
    has someone any idee

    btw the image on the box = Nabilosat Enigma1 DarkStar II - DM600
    Regards Vampier

    I was updating my friends DB500S with FlashWizard 6.3 which I have used several times without a hitch, it got as far as (Initializing Flash Memory) 87%, then just stopped, tried it anothe couple of times, same thing, tried to shut down with remote, but it had frozen, I then tried reboot, but will not boot up, cannot talk to box with installer or ftp, have also tried DreamUp with serial cable, still nothing, can you help,


    i do not only use 7025 as server but i have olso 3 differant servers on it that are not on the 7025
    problem is the signal loos the half when its on downstairs normal 95% when the box is down downstairs and when i turn it on i have only 63% and than he get no lock on hotbird and astra 2

    Hi guys i have a problem whit the line to mine db500
    when i run my box 7025 downstairs i loos the half of the signal from
    sat's hotbird and astra2 upstairs
    when i shut down the box downstairs i recive all sat's whit max signal upstairs
    i have set on the 12v option on the 7025 for the lnb's

    I have downstairs a 7025 whit Gimini 3.5 and cccam 2.09
    tunes B is the same as tuner A
    astra 1 hotbird and astra 2

    Upstairs i have a db500 whit NabiloDM500-V08-MAXVAR and cccam 2.08
    and is connecteded to the line out from the db7025

    my dish is a viasat whit 3 duo lnb's so each tuner has a own signal
    i have 3 singnals i can use
    1 downstairs seeing tv
    1 downstairs record
    1 upstairs

    hopefull some one know a solution for this problem

    Greeting Vampier

    ok your the expert i did come to this conclusing becourse i have change everything except the fp
    image cam and channelllist
    can you tel us what it can be please

    thnx Vampier

    i'm sure its the front processor that make the troubles whit the channel error
    ( sid not found in pat)
    i have change everything except the frontprocessor downgrade
    (i dont know how)
    i have use differant image's differant settinglist's differant cam's
    even the free channel from holland are not working

    Can some one help me and i would know if there are other people that have the same troubles

    greeting Vampier

    i have the same problem did already downgrading it to gimini 2.0 but stil have the same problem i have a original tv vlaanderen card but he said stil the same sid not found in path
    can it be that the upgrade from the front from version 2 to version 7 proccessor course some troubles ???????????

    I have a problem whit record and see to a other channel
    i have a 7025 whit gemini 2.1 and evocam 2.14 whit NewSC 1.20
    2 original card
    1 Canaldigitaal and 2 TV Vlaanderen
    in the past i was able to record 3 progs and look to other (whit gemini 1.8)
    whit 1 card and emu (evocam)
    now i can only record from 1 provider and look to a other channel from the same provider , but not from a other provider
    i have 3 double lnb whit 2 cables to my dreambox 7025
    the second tuner is set to same as tuner 1
    so i recive 2 signals

    please can tel me someone what the problem is

    thnx in advance

    i have a Dreambox 7025 whir gimini 2.0 and gbox software
    my remote controller is linving a own live
    when i choose a channel he zaps 4 or 5 further when i let go of the button
    the same when i choose the volume
    or he jumps on a differant channel when i use the volume button
    i went back to the shop and there it was working fine
    but the owner did give me a new one and in the shop its working fine
    but on my box at home i had the same problem again.
    Did some one heard earlyer from this problem ???????

    Second question is
    the DBkeyboard is that working on a dreambox 7025
    or does someone know the codes from the remotecontrol for the dreambox

    Greeting Vampier