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    Thanks for the tip, Il try that but I doubt it will help.
    The od thing is that in bad weather other channels can have small numbers of BER, in the hundreds or even up to the low thousands without any picture problems.
    On D:SF picture dies with BER in the low hundreds. And it happens just like that in any weather.
    If it wasn't for MotoGP I wouldn't t care, other than that I never watch D:SF.


    I have a good signal, above 10dB. But then the BER gets crazy every now and then.
    This only happens on D:SF and Tele 5. I dont have any problems with any other channels on Astra, only these two.

    I have a 75cm dish and a 0,2dB LNB, and for this satellite a 50cm dish should be sufficient for my location.

    Anyone have any idea where to look and what to change.

    Thanks in advance

    Gutemine, thanks for your thoughts.

    I totally agree with you and I think we have made the correct assumptions in regards of whats broken. I would however hope that a piece of equipment for 500+ Euro would come with a power supply that lasts a little longer than a year. The power supply seems to be pure crap if you ask me. And, DMM knows this but does nothing to help.

    Anyone have any track record for the new green power supply? Has it even been on the market for a year yet? Will that one last. I think the last time I asked someone said it was the same manufacturer.

    This is very annoying

    I have, I would think, the same problem but I had a seagate 300Gb which ran ok for a year before this started. I then thought that the dsik was broken and got a replacement 320Gb disk from seagate, same problem. I then supplied the disk with power from an external power supply (PC) which solved the issue. I have the old yellow power supply in my 7025 and I have tried to get a new one from DMM, the distributor and the store with no result.

    Now, Gutemine, will the new green power supply help? I would rather not pay 50 Euro for something that will not help. And, the old one did have sufficient power to spin up the disk for a year which leads me to that something else is broken to.

    Any comments?

    Is there a compatibility issue with evocamd/newcs and conax cards on 3.20 ?
    I have had big problems with both 2.16/1.30 and 2.17/1.50 on 3.20.
    I am loosing the keys and they don't seem to get updated after that.
    I had the box running on a channel for which I have a official card for 2+ hours, still no new keys. I have now downgraded to the previus setup, 3.10 and 2.16/1.30 and I got the keys after 5-10 minutes.

    Anyone have any ideas on this?

    I have had a Seagate 7200.9 300 GB disk in my 7025 since I got it April last year. In August the box started to hang on every operation that accessed the disk. I dismounted the disk an put in a Seagate ?? 10GB and problems went away. So, I got a new disk from Seagate, a 7200.10, now 320GB and installed that one. problems came back immediately. Maybe the disk was not broken? I tried to supply the disk with external power from the salvaged PC from which I had the 10GB disk. And, viola , the problem is gone. Now I'm wondering if it's the power supply that for some reasons can't deliver adequate power any more? Any Ideas anyone. Will a new power supply help? The green one? By the way, is the green one the one from Panasonic?

    All of the enigma 1 boxes seem to have the possibility to output a component video signal (YPbPr). Setup -> System Setting -> A/V Settings – Color Format. However since there is no component output on the box, the signal is sent over the scart output. Because most TV sets do not accept component video as input over scart, to use this you will need a scart -> component video cable (scart - 3RCA).


    I had the exact same problem with 1.90 and 2.00 if it’s any consolation to you. However I have not had this since 2.10 which I’m currently running. I would suggest that you get rid of the 1.90 copy and see if the problem disappears with that.

    Hi all,

    I have found that zap timers are not executed if the box is in standby. This probably works as designed but I can't see why not all timers should be executed in standby, since the box clearly can zap for recordings when in standby. Is there a quick fix for this or does it need to be addressed to DMM.


    I have noticed this problem with 2sub/2lang; when one is switching channels from a channel which shows undertitles to one which does not, the last text frame stays on the screen until it is overlaid by something larger, like for instance the teletext view. This seems like a bug and the behavior is the same in 2.05 and 2.06. However this problem was not present in the old version, 0.78. If the developer(s) of 2sub/2lang are monitoring this forum, it would be nice if you could fix this.


    I am experiencing picture freezes when a broadcast is switching between local and regional transmission. It seems to be happening somewhat randomly; sometimes it is instantly after the switch and sometimes, mostly after 15 – 30 seconds. But, we have also seen that the switch from regional to local has worked but then it occurred again during switch back to regional. So, as I said somewhat randomly. After changing channel and back again the picture gets going, so it's not a complete hang. Does anyone have a clue to what the problem might be?

    DM7025 Gemini2 1.40 060428 EvoCamd/NewCS