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    hi all i have a strange problem when i try to compile from new i get this error

    i tried with email and without and there is nothing different

    but if i try to compile with 1.6 branch the compilation goes any suggestion?

    i use ubuntu 9.04 jaunty beta


    hello all i'm too having problem but mine semms a little different

    anyone had the same problem??

    thanks in advance

    hi all

    i'm having some problem in adding plugin during compiling

    when i set plugin source date for example to december 2007 or january 2008 i receive an error opening plugin panel: the error returned is for webinterface something refering obsoletesource

    the panel opens but i haven't web intrerface. the only way is to uninstall from telnet with ipkg remove then reinstall always with ipkg from telnet

    other problem is with vlcplayer. it seems installing from panel doesn't resolve dependency 'cause if i don't do an ipkg instal of neonhttpsrc no way to get visualization even if the plugin starts and run normally

    same way if i try to install vlcplayer doring compiling. that way i get a bluescreen even if i add neonhttpsrc during compiling and copy skin_default directory

    sorry for the confusion and number of question. but i can't get out of this mess and can't figure out how pros like oozon and boxman make all this work

    thanks in advance for the replies


    Originally posted by mimi74
    multiline 8.3 for gemini 3.00 online ;)

    great work mimi thanks a lot

    only one thing

    i noticed in channel selection there are 10 channel visualized but the tenth is in also the first of next screen

    i changed this line

    <widget name="list" position="0,45" size="560,278" scrollbarMode="showOnDemand" />

    with this

    <widget name="list" position="0,45" size="560,280" scrollbarMode="showOnDemand" />

    this seems to work

    let me know

    hi all thanks for the great work i'm using webif from version 0.1 today i flashed my 7025 another time and reinstalled everything


    i installed webif exclusive 0.2.4 and seems ok but now ican't get audio in webxtv. till flashing i did not have any problem same version any suggestion