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    Mi sat friends
    im not happy to see things going this way its very bad for all

    if we cannot use somthing that someone has made then we should all stopy useing someone elses work and info like we see in some skins and images
    so please just all be friends and all work in peace we are all here to help each other

    Regards Polar Bear

    Hi now mi Freinds in Ds Team relast img SunRise

    DS TEAM SunRise for DM7000/56x0/500

    Image per FLASH / USB / HDD / CF / NFS

    + kernel v. 2.6.9 (109.1d)
    + enigma v. 1.0.9 Mod (15.08.2006 mod DS Team)
    +BusyBox v1.01 (2006.09.15-16:39+0000 mod DS Team)
    + Web Interface: 5.9.7-Expert
    + Gcc 3.4.4
    + LZMA Patch

    + ScriptService 2.05 mod DS


    This Image is without Keys and without any EMU
    We are not responsible for what you do with it.
    Only with original DreamCrypt Support



    + EmuManager 1.08
    + dsemud 1.06
    + Advenced EMU configs: Newcamd, Mgcamd, Evocamd, Gbox
    + TuxTxt 1.94
    + Manager Addons 1.6
    + MHW Support
    + Reiserfs Support
    + Flashtool Expert

    Other Features:

    + Active EMU in Skin
    + Active Cryptinfos in Skin
    + SNR & AGC in Skin
    + Provider name in Skin
    + Full Time Show like in Enigma2 - 11:45:33 (HH:MM:SS)
    + Video Resolution in Skin
    + Fr, SR, Pol, Fec Info in skin
    + Info about from where channel goes, Internal,Cardslot,NET
    + InaDYN Config - DYNDNS Client Advanced Setup
    + Infobar Timeout
    + LZMA Patch
    + Display Multi-audio and Teletext on OSD
    + Internet download of addons
    + Complete busybox
    + Manual install of addons from /tmp
    + Addons manager, installer and uninstaller
    + OSD timeout configurable
    + SAMBA is included
    + REISERFS is included
    + Automount disc/part1 usb stick
    + Autoclean core files on hdd
    + Added "restart enigma" on shutdown menu
    + Move Addons to USB/HDD
    + DVBSnopp Logger
    + Movieplayer Setup
    + HDD Setup
    + USB Setup
    + Advanced Stream Info
    + OpenVPN
    + Dropbear
    + Lite Easy Skin
    + Crond
    + SWAP
    + Included gSUB
    + mimi74 Mulitline 5 Skin


    + USB Setup now is more advanced
    + HDD Setup is more Advanced
    + File Manager
    + Plugins Manager
    + Process Manager
    + Lan Monitor
    + Stream Manager
    + **** File Viewer
    + **** File Converter
    + **** File Update
    + File Check Update
    + userMenu
    + addon manager fix
    + newcamd ca visualization fix

    now You can Convert all **** formats to wchich one you want

    + BLUE Button - EmuManager
    + YELLOW Button - Plugins
    + AUDIO Button - Audio Selection
    + TEXT Button - Videotext
    + RED Button - EPG List for the current channel
    + 2x RED Button - Double Click for EPG Style Menu
    + GREEN Button - Subservices (NVOD)

    Thanks to Tom0000 & ruDream for their greats SS Menus

    It is up to the enduser to add them should he wish to use this image other than with a legal subscription card.
    The DS TEAM is NOT responsible for any unauthorised use of this firmware.

    Please report ALL bugs on home bourd


    EDIT Kerni: Anhang entfernt, veraltet


    Polar_The Eye DM7000-v.1.10 28-07-2006

    Linux Kernel Linux version 2.6.9 (polar-7000@doppie)
    (gcc version 3.4.4) #1 Mon Jul 24 14:40:38 CEST 2006
    Firmware release 1.1.0, 26.07.2006
    FP Firmware 1.06
    Web Interface 5.9.7-Expert - Polar-Team edit by the Bear

    Ecm info in Emu Panel
    Many downloads via The Doppie Polar Cpanel
    Like languages and lots of other stuff
    /var to usb via Addon Manager and many more options
    USB Settings
    Harddisk Settings
    The rest you will find out, as you use it.


    Doppie and The Polar Team like to thank so many for,
    help and testing. No names but you now who.
    We are a small Team, but we dont give up!.



    EDIT Kerni: Anhang entfernt, veraltet


    HI at All :)

    Well think i did forget to say hi ;) Sorry for that but hope this is better but non hehe

    And Im from Iceland and I spek little english

    I got som Dreambox ;)

    Best regards Polar Bear