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    With latest version of raspbmc no extra compiling is nedded any more as I understood.
    This should simplifiing the useage of the raspbmc as additional client via boblightdemon on dreambox.
    Will try that over the weekend...
    Regards zwehn
    ..."Now available via Raspbmc Settings: Boblight support provides an ambilight like implementation." ...

    Hi Karalik,

    I want to use the client grabber on the raspbmc with boblight addon.
    Demon is working on the dreambox.

    Demon on dreambox has the right ip adress in the boblight.conf. Clientgrabber on dreambox is linked to this ip (over boblight addon on dreambox and ip for client).
    So the environment on dreambox works with specific IP.

    Now to the Raspbmc and the config there.
    In my understanding I only need the raspbmc addon boblight as a client to connect with the dreambox demon.
    Therefore I put the IP from the dreambox in the raspbmc boblight gui to link. But that didnt work.
    Do I have to put in addition also a boblight.conf to the raspbmc if I only want to use the dreambox demon?

    thanks, zwehn

    Hi karalik,
    My dreambox boblight config is working pretty well now. You mentioned in your posting that raspbmc is working with the deamon of your dreambox.
    I tried the same by installing the raspbmc boblight addon and activated it. In the configuration of the plugin i put in the ip adress of the dreambox. But in the movie mode no light are on.
    Is there anything to config in the dreambox as well? If i use my raspbmc i put the dreambox in standby.
    Thank you, zwehn

    Hi speedy,

    One suggestion for your overview page. Perhaps you could include the following link. It is a good web calculator to help adjusting the leds around your tv.
    In additon there is a possebilty to get the leds config part for the boblight.conf file in the same step.
    For me it was very helpful by building a frame for my tv to have here the direct mm in a table generated where i have to make the holes.


    Hi speedy,
    Latest beta is not working for me. i installed / reinstalled the beta several times every time the same result a green screen by entering the boblight gui. I made a screenshot with my handy if you are interested in. Upload mode is not working with this forum and my ipad.
    Hope you could help. For details see my latest post including the conf. Now i could reinstall 0.6r17 which is working again butnstill delay on sd tv programms.
    Thank you! Regards, sven

    the 0.6r17_mipsel.ipk worked for me but I had some delay with the SD TV Programms. Therefore I installed the beta 0.7r2.
    Istallation worked and after the reboot the ligths were on but no sync. By trying to enter the plugin-gui I get a green screen. I than deleted the conf file, reboot but again green screen by entering the gui.
    After that I tried to install the old 0.6 r17 but that even didnt work because of a bad magic number error.
    So at the moment no boblight is working for me. Two question, what to do the beta running? How could i come back to the last working 0.6r17.
    Thank you for your help. Regards sven
    Below my last working conf file from 0.6r17

    port 19333

    ### >> Adalight 50 lights << ###

    name ambilight
    output /dev/ttyACM0
    channels 150
    prefix 41 64 61 00 31 64
    rate 115200
    debug off
    type momo
    interval 20000

    # Light section

    name red
    rgb FF0000
    gamma 2.0
    adjust 0.65
    blacklevel 0.1

    name green
    rgb 00FF00
    gamma 2.0
    adjust 1.0
    blacklevel 0.1

    name blue
    rgb 0000FF
    gamma 2.0
    adjust 0.7
    blacklevel 0.1

    ################# Left ########################
    name 001
    color red ambilight 1
    color green ambilight 2
    color blue ambilight 3
    hscan 41.2 47.08
    vscan 90.91 100

    name 002
    color red ambilight 4
    color green ambilight 5
    color blue ambilight 6
    hscan 35.31 41.19
    vscan 90.91 100