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    When I choose a channel from the DVB-T tunercard in my DM8000 with Oozoon as image, I don't see the right stuff:

    - last known satellite or cable picon is shown in stead of the terrestrial icon
    - in the bar is stated "no data"

    I've highligthed these items with a green circle. Thanks for alle the time and energy you put in to make this skin the best there is. :em_netherlands:

    Dear fans and Shamann,

    Is het possible to change the path of piconprovider en piconsat to CF. I used to have them there, but it appears Glass uses another path.

    The channelpicons are also on CF, but that works okay!

    I have a very little problem with the terrestrial channels. When I change to one, I keep seeing the last satellite I watched. I should see a terrestrial picon.

    It works with the cable picon, but not with the terrestrial one.

    Hallo da,

    In der Anlage habe ich Picons gesammelt für das Ziggo Kabel Paket aus den Niederlande. Wer kann und möchte schöne Picons daraus machen?

    Danke im voraus!

    Hi there,

    Enclosed I have collected Picons for the Ziggo Cable Package from The Netherlands. Who can and want te make nice picons from that?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Original von shamann

    1 condition: python 2.6 - OK in OpenPli? simply check dir in /usr/lib/ - python 2.x

    I've checked it and I regret to say that OpenPli still uses Python 2.5 (map is called that way in /usr/lib). So I guess you're answer won't be a positive one, but I am still a big fan of the Glass skin.

    Is there a list of variations of this skin (what the number stands for)? Trying everything makes my dreambox a bit unstable.

    Hallo, ich habe jetzt diese LT6 skin in OpenPli (22 August 2010) und geht alles sehr gut! Wunderschöne Skin.

    Wundere mich, benutze jetzt version enigma2-skin-lt6.hd_0.1.1_all . Ist das die aktuelle Version? Wird noch was gemacht mit den Vorschlägen aus diesen Thread insache Cam Info, Radio? Werde mich sehr freuen.

    Aber das wichtigste, danke für diese Skin! :danke:


    Original von Homey[GER]
    In meinem "geheimen" non public AppleTrailer Plugin (was man hier nicht findet) updated der aber noch ...

    Danke, geht gut mit OpenPli auf den 8000!


    Original von fox81
    Is this skin working on openPLI?

    Leider nicht. Für den Glas skin braucht mann OE1.6 und OpenPli hat ein edited Version von 1.5. Wirklich schade, weil es potenziel viel leute gibt mit OpenPli den gerne Glas HD benutzen wollen.

    Unfortunately no. For the Glas skin you'll need OE1.6 and OpenPli has an edited version of 1.5. That's a shame, because there are potentially many users with OpenPli that would love to use the Glas skin.

    Some information about OpenPli from the makers:

    Nee, OpenPLi is OpenPLi. Is ooit geforkt van 1.5 ja, maar is daar allang niet meer op gebaseerd zoals hier wordt gesuggereerd. Je kunt 1500 min of meer onafhankelijke softwareonderdelen nou eenmaal niet makkelijk met een tweecijferig versienummertje aanduiden. OpenPLi's OE is nu versie e3580ddede19297261e2a1760150efb75b971909 en dat is de enig juiste aanduiding.

    So, in other words: Once started off with OE1.5 but not the basis anymore. You can't 1.500 software parts indicate with a versionnumber of just two digits. The link is the version nowadays.

    Will there be any luck of this skin working with OpenPli?


    Original von shamann

    no problem, only if will be out OpenPli OE 1.6 version, sorry.

    I have asked on the Pli forum if OpenPli will upgrade to OE1.6 in the near future and the answer is no.


    Original von shamann
    HD Glass 13 OE 1.6 - Update - ver. 4.4

    - fix the screen "NetworkAdapterSelection" - only for latest versions based on CVS/exp. DMM - Newnigma Snapshot (800, 8000), OoZooN (800, 8000) and experimental DMM ( 800, 8000)
    - fix init move dynamic icons
    - update piconProv ( some new and some updated)

    - installer now support - Dream Elite 1.3 ( 800, 8000, 500HD), Newnigma Snapshot (800, 8000), Gemini 5.0 (800, 8000, 500HD), OoZooN (800, 8000) and experimental DMM ( 800, 8000)

    Will there be an update for this skin to work with OpenPli? Woulde be very much appreciated!!!