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    Yeah, my thoughts exactly. 1000 euro for a satellitebox is WAY too expensive, even for a Dreambox. Hence I'm going to buy an Ipbox instead.

    Thanks! Replacing also these capacitors and the one mentioned in the first post fixed my PSU.

    Maybe all of the newer dreamboxes can't handle external readers anymore? Same thing is with 7025.

    I once screwed my 7025 apart, looked more closely at the serial port, and noticed that some pins are soldered to empty pads, which would explain why external readers don't work on 7025. I might be wrong though, if dreambox's pcb is multilayer, so looking at the bottom isn't 100% sure way to tell if all pins are connected or not.

    I wish it would be that simple with the 7025. Crappy card readers and dmm won't do anything about it. And now people are having trouble with the power supplies also on their 7025's. I for sure won't buy another dreambox anymore...

    In that link there is still the old stream2dream pc-software, version 1.3 :(


    I cannot get TuxTerm to work with my logitech cordless usb-keyboard. The keyboard/mouse show up as /dev/input/event5 and /dev/input/event6. Here's output from /proc/bus/input/devices

    Even if I remove dreambox_keyboard module, tuxterm won't open use the events 5 or 6 :(

    I haven't enabled autofs within BA... And notice, I'm not using the latest CVS, I use oozoon-cvs from 21st of April, with that autofs does work in Gemini2.3. lsmod tells me that autofs4 module is loaded, which won't happen with lean-cvs in flash. I tried again with the lean-cvs and cannot still get autofs to work in Gemini 2.3. I did'nt however try with latest oozoon-cvs, because it also has the autofs driver in kernel.

    But anyway, there shouldn't be any dramatic changes in kernels between cvs from 21.4 and the lean-cvs kernel?