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    Does anyone know what buttons are used for this feature?
    I am not talking about the regular recording and playback feature, I am talking about the new option in the expert setup menu. I have it enabled but the only way I can get it to work is to press 'stop/tv' button and start from when I tuned to that channel. Is there a way to back just a few minutes?

    I also tried this using the feeds.xml file but all I was able to get are the show notes.
    No option to listen or download.
    I also listen to buzz out loud.
    I never did pursue this.
    I hope you can find a solution.

    This new version has somewhat of a user interface.
    I used some 'zenity' options to make it a little more beginner friendly.
    This gives you the option to browse to the folder where you have saved the file and select the file from your dreambox as well as selecting the name of the output file, and of course a progress bar.
    I had a little help from the ubuntu forums site while getting the zenity options just right.
    I hope this script is usefull for someone.
    I am not a windows user but I would like to see if someone can use this script under cygwin.
    You will have to have mencoder, dvdauthor and mkisofs preinstalled before running this script.
    I usually run this script from the command line "./"
    I have also used it with an application shortcut on my desktop and then all I have to do is just double click on the icon on my desktop.



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    Now I have chapters working.
    If you compare the two files you will see what I did.
    The chapters are set to 10 minutes but you can change them to whatever you want.



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    I, among other people have been looking for a way to get my dreambox movie files from .ts format to a dvd.
    There are windows programs that work pretty good, like convertx but it take a very long time to convert and the computer is pretty useless for other things while the video is transcoding.
    There is a plugin that works right on the dreambox called burn2dvd.
    This is a great plugin written by someone named luke_s. I am not sure who he is but I would like to give him credit for what he has done.
    This plugin takes about an hour for an hour of video on a 250mhz processor which is pretty good.
    But I thought that my 2.6ghz desktop could do a much faster job.
    So I have written a linux script based on the commands found in the burn2dvd plugin.
    You will need to have dvdauthor, mkisofs, and mencoder installed.
    What you will need to do is to create a new folder on your linux pc.
    Drop your .ts file into it along with the script that I have written.
    This script is a very simple one and just enough to get the job done.
    What it will do is create a tmp folder for the files needed for the process.
    After the script has completed, the tmp folder will be deleted and there will be a file in the new folder you created called movie.iso
    Then just use your favorite dvd burning software to put it on a dvd.
    That's it.
    Please feel free to change this script to suit your needs.
    I have tried to add comand options to create chapters but I have not had any success.
    I have not tried it on other video formats but I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to do.
    I just hope that someone who has more knowlege than me can help out and make this script a whole lot better than I can.
    While testing this script I was using my desktop pc running ubuntu with a 2.6ghz dual core processor and 2gig ddr2 ram.
    Converting an hour video took less than 4 minutes.
    If you want to convert two episodes of House (for example) just put both of the files in the same folder and they will both be in the .iso file.



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    I installed 4.0 on my usb stick in multiboot and had to reinstall 3 times before plugins and other things would work properly.
    flashwizzard said that it had installed properly but something must not have been quite right.
    after three attempts it seems to have done fine.
    hope this helps you with your troubles.


    Originally posted by mfgeg
    When u use ubuntu could you also use the Gftp application.

    There is no need to use a qt app in the gtk enviroment ;)

    greetings mfgeg

    This is what I use and it works great.
    You can edit, chmod, view and edit files all withing the GFTP application.

    Very Nice.

    Install it right from your repositories.

    [quote]Originally posted by Carsten_2000
    do not put images on your hdd./quote]

    I agree.
    When the hard drive is running all of the time it is creating a lot of heat.
    let the hard drive spin down and just use the usb.
    usb drives are getting so cheap now you can buy a big enough drive to store EPG, 1.0gig swap, and a few of your favorite images too.


    Originally posted by Katabatic
    Install the latest version of videolan ( on the laptop.

    Assuming you are using Gemini, then just open up the dreambox local website - , the rest is self explanitory.

    Web-X-Tv (the web interface) will allow you to stream the signal to your laptop (it will open in videolan automatically.
    You can also download to your pc the recorded .ts files which play perfectly in videolan with no need to change into another format.

    you could also use media player classic.
    it is an open source project on sourceforge.
    link is here…wnload.php?group_id=82303

    this will stream as well as play the .ts files.

    try putting the drive in a pc and use a live linux cd to do your thing to the hard drive.
    i recently upgraded the hard drive in my 7000 from 120 gig to a 320 gig drive.
    i used the ubuntu live dvd i got with a magazine I bought a couple of months ago.
    used the gparted partition manager to create and format.
    then used nautilus to transfer files from drive to drive.
    hope this helps you out.


    Originally posted by highwayman

    then all you need is a keyfile :)

    is this using card sharing from a public server?
    forgive me if i sound stupid but i have not been reading very much since everyone started using the rom 102 cards.

    I have played vob files on my 7000.
    It does stutter sometimes if it is playing from an 8 gig dvd but on a typical 4.7 it plays just fine.
    The only thing is that the only way for me to get audio is through the optical output.
    My machine will not play audio through rca cables.
    Am I the only one who has done this?
    I see many other people ask this same question and all the answers seem to be the same. - NO.
    If this is not possible, why is it that my machine can do it?

    i use shrinkto5 to rip my dvd's and put them on my 7000.
    it works great.
    only thing is that the only sound i can use it through the optical output and not the analog.
    hope this helps.