hi Dear , sorry for late reply . it seems the boot is from flash not th same as u mentioned but the weird it works fine for dm one but how to fix for dm two please.

    any help why not starting on android after reboot , what is wrong i am doing

    root @ dreambox: ~ # tar -xzvf android9-sdcard.tar.gz -C /

    data /

    data / android /

    data / android / bootlogo.bmp

    data / android / odm.img

    gzip: skipping: <stdin>: corrupted - incomplete deflate data

    gzip: abort: internal threads error

    tar: Unexpected EOF in archive

    tar: Unexpected EOF in archive

    tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

    root @ dreambox: ~ #

    is this okay ???

    tks emanuel
    these are the steps i am doing:

    send android file to root

    tar -xzvf android9-sdcard_20190920.tar.gz -C /

    cd /data/android

    ./ /dev/mmcblk1


    after reboot the box start normal without android,
    i noticed in media folder all files exist there:
    boot / cache / data / metadata / product / vendor
    and mmcblk1p1 = empty
    mmcblk1p2 = has files

    in storage devices = nothing detected
    but in blue panel device manager i can see the card.
    i use samsung evo 32 gb

    hi , anyone tried on dreambox two ?
    i did these 2 steps and went fine but when reboot android does not start it start normal

    Install new / all:

    root @ dreamone: ~ # tar -xzvf android9-sdcard.tar.gz -C /

    root @ dreamone: ~ # cd / data / android

    root @ dreamone: / data / android # ./ / dev / mmcblk1

    root @ dreamone: / data / android # reboot


    Update only (apps and data are untouched):

    root @ dreamone: ~ # tar -xzvf android9-sdcard_09202019.tar.gz -C /

    root @ dreamone: ~ # cd / data / android

    root @ dreamone: / data / android # ./ / dev / mmcblk1

    root @ dreamone: / data / android # reboot


    Originally posted by elfi12
    you definitely need to have pem files for client and server keys. Others this configuration won't be shown in the VPN-Client screen.

    the file generated contain all inside .
    and it is working fine with GP3.3
    so why in GP4 not the same and need several files not all in one file

    hi , failed to let the client vpn file appear
    I am using in my server pritunl and it create one file for client. ( user.ovpn )
    it was working perfect with GP3.3 but with GP4 it does not read the file

    any help ?

    well sir, I took your matter and tried to help you personally while your box was not purchased from Dubai or from any dealer or distributor in Middle east or north Africa.
    but your funny way thinking by posting your stories in public is a smart way.
    and for your info we already replied and requested you the serial number to track the history of your box.

    and now I am sorry to say your issue is with dream multimedia Germany who received your box and checked and returned to you so you have to continue with them while I am sure they have send you the report with the box when it was returned.

    sometimes trying to help someone does not deserve is a mistake.

    thank you and bye bye.
    for us in Dubai subject is closed as it is not our concern and the matter is related to main office in Germany as the case is between you and them.

    best regards.

    thank you sir for the info given,
    but you did not gave us enough details about your shipment reference or number or any details to follow up your case.

    1- our technical team is not supposed to go post offices to clear shipments, and all international companies receive the faulty items either directly from customers in service centers or they reach by courier to the service center.
    2- any faulty item still under warranty will be replaced for free and will be ready for pick up in same day so we wonder to what office you have send or whom you contacted.
    3- none warranty items as well will be done same days but with charges unless the receiver is very old and we have no parts in stock , in that case only we will have to send to Germany and wait till it is back.

    sir you are requested to provide the tracking number of your parcel, and the service center slipt reference as any items reach service center will have reference number.
    if you are not able to provide any of the above reference your post and complain will be useless and no cense and no one can help you.
    we wish to get more info to be able to help you in a better way.

    DreamBox Distributor. Dubai