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    Just little update on this issue.

    Ok Lad After some more testing it appears to be the problem with system settings 16:9 Ratio and not the skin itself. Gemini Platinum V1.8 (4:3) works on Gemini 3.10. I guess there will be another release soon…

    Ok I think there is a possible bug in SKINS for Gemini 3.10 DM500S.

    I’m using NTSC and all version prior to 3.10 I was able to change the skin to Gemini Platinum V1.8 but with 3.10 when activate Gemini Platinum V1.8 (16:9) NTSC the Enigma crashes and get stuck in infinite loop. The Enigma will constantly reboot on infinite loop and unable to do anything. Only way to fix it is re-flash… Gemini Platinum V1.8 (16:9) NTSC skin always worked for me on all previous version of Gemini including 3.0. Usually this symptoms’ supposed to occurred when using PAL skin on NTSC system. Regards,


    It is one of the common issues with WINDBLOW not MEDIA. I have both versions (MEDIA & PRO) install on the same network and they work fine, however WINDOWS memory exception error cause this kind of problem. Try to delete all the DCC files from XP MEDIA including registry. Make sure there is no registry entry found after cleanup and then re-download the DCC. Hope this helps. Regards,


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    I am trying to use DCC 2.71, as a matter of fact it don't matter what version I use when I start DCC it pauses then a message that the program has terminated abnormally. This computer is running Media Center XP. I installed DCC 2.71 to a XP Pro on the same network and DCC works. Any one got any idea's???


    Be discrete when posting “Gemini DD Issue such a pitty”, it is pity when so many of us constantly trying to put GEMINI down. I’m from (JERSEY) NA and I have no problem with GEMINI. GEMINI team did an excellent job with image and everything GEMINI team claims what it suppose to do it does and then some. What is the name of your 10K system? I have 1K system that works very well. $200 for the EMU card on my PC and $400 for the KLIPSCH Gaming sound system with optical input and out put and I use the optical output on DB. It is a pity that so many DB coders (ie DBBusters) has closed the kitchen because of our constant nagging, complaining. If you have issues then talk to us on this forum or any other forum and try to resolve the issues rather then making assumption and oh talk nonsense about coders. I love GEMINI simply because it is the best and it is my primary until someone can prove otherwise. Happy testing and hope you can resolve your issues without pissin’ off anyone else. Regards

    Sometimes when I use my Windows laptop I use Total Commander32 for MS Windows. This program will let you do .ZIP .RAR .TAR .ARJ .UC2 .GZ and more. First I do .TAR and then I pack again from .TAR to .GZ and you have xxx.tar.gz file. There is no difference between .GZ and .BZ2, Gemini reads both. Hope this helps. Regards,


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    Since I'm not familiar with linux and thank you for such valuable information.

    Just FYI

    RANDANDY Retired due to personal reasons.
    below is the cut & paste from newbies site.

    This news updates comes from me with both a heavy heart, and some exuberating feelings.

    First, as some of you may have noticed, or NOT we have lost someone great to the DreamBox Community. No longer will we see the helpfulness and resources of the Great Randandy. Due to personal reasons beyond his control I have been informed that Randandy will no longer participate in the development, help, or discussions around the DreamBox. Randandy was a true asset to the DreamBox community with his Guides and channel lists he single handily helped thousands achieve what I would like to call TV nirvana. Randandy and all of the sites he was associated with, or did business with have now been shutdown, and removed. Now unfortunately, I have not been able to hear this directly from Randandy, and was simply informed by those who were around him that Day. I was hoping if we waited long enough the Great Randandy himself would have been able to come online here, and address his masses on his own.

    With that being said, recently I had been involved in a single post that had spawned into a three day/page event. I believe I may have allowed it to go too far, in which I had banned a user for not following one of the rules for a period of one (1) month. Several folks had felt that this was unnecessary and that our system gives off mixed signals about how and where to get support. Let me first say, I want to thank those friends on here that slapped me around (wink) and made me realize a few things that I was unaware of, and I would like to share them with you.
    First I didn’t realize that Chopper and I are now administrating this board, that there were no other moderators anymore. Talk about shock.
    Second that we are not really clear on what we are willing to support and not support.
    Third NOT everyone understands how to use the DreamBox, Linux, or even networks.


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    I kept looking and found him.

    For those interested, check out www.dreamboxfornewbies.NET. It's a great source of info in English, especially for those of us in North America.