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    Hi guys, thanks a lot for the port of this great program. I was very pleased to see it available for Mac, however I soon found a rather large problem. When trying to open existing bouquets from a folder I am prompted with a windows style directory structure with the hard drive selected to C: This ofcourse is not applicable to the OSX operating system and so I cannot navigate nor select a folder to open.

    I hope this is easily fixed, thanks for reading.

    Hi guys, I'm looking into how the channel reference is created in the EPG channels file. I've come across some very useful information but it doesn't seem to be correct in every case. Here's the info I've been working with.

    a=download channel yes or no ( 1 or 0 )
    b=channel ID
    c=Channel name
    d= Sly EPG number
    e=SID in HEX
    f=TSID in HEX
    g=Network ID

    In my current image the channels list file is called, So an entry in the file is, for example :-
    1;2102;BBC 1 N West;60;283e:7fe:2

    a is OK

    b is not OK - The Channel ID in this case is 2102 , how is this created or calculated ? I've seen that its made up by the last character of the CAID and the 1st, 2nd and 4th character of the SID but in this case it is obviously wrong.

    c is OK

    d is not OK - How is this calculated ? BBC1 EPG number is 101 and so in hex this would be 65, so why is it 60 in this working example. EDIT:- I've just noticed that this number simply increments after several channels but the question remains how do you know what number it should be ?

    e is OK
    f is OK
    g is OK

    I've asked elsewhere but thought I may aswell post here too.
    Can anyone please help with this ?

    Hi guys, I'm having a problem experimenting with setting up my own addons server. I'm using GP2 v4.2 on a DM7025.

    Here's the useraddon.xml file I've got in /etc

    <item name="B16MCC's Server" url=""/>

    Here's the addons.xml file I have on my ubuntu apache server.

    When I go to the blue panel and select this server, it seems to connect but I then get a message that says 'No Entries Available'

    Can anyone see what the problem might be here please ?
    It's driving me crazy, I've used the wiki and another post I found on here , I think I have everything right but it just won't work.
    Any help is greatly appreciated thanks.

    Hi guys, I'm interested in modifying what is displayed on the OLED of my DM8000. For example rather than just having the clock, the progress bar and the current channel, is it possible to add ECM time and Hops ?

    If so , what is the line likely to look like in Skin.xml ?
    I can see reference to these 2 items in the blue panel section of Skin.xml but the code is quite different to the LCD/OLED section.
    Also, in any particular image, how do I find out the widget names for all the variables ?
    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    losika, I have good results from my RF output on my DM7025 , using my distribution box in the attic I have it all over the house. My main reason for wanting it on the DM8000 is simply because I am already setup to use it. I do ofcourse use DVI to HDMI on my Sony Bravia.

    Well thanks for the info so far, I'm a little disappointed with no RF output as I use that on my DM7025 to send to other rooms. I'll need to check out alternatives. I guess it's down to wether multiple outputs can be used, for example I could put a scart to RF converter on it maybe if it runs at the same time as the DVI output.

    I'd like to know more about softcams. To be precise I want to run Evocamd and CCcam, ideally at the same time to handle a cable tuner and the 2 sat tuners respectively.

    I'll check out the official site for spec listing. Thanks again.

    Hi peeps, I asked this a few weeks ago but the topic was closed by mods because the box was still in beta test program. Now its available I'll ask again.

    When viewing a HD channel, what is the output on the RF ? Is it downscaled or is there NO output perhaps ?

    Can this box run 2 Cams at the same time, 1 CI and softcam or 2 softcams perhaps ?

    This will really determine if I buy one or not. Thanks.

    Hi guys, I'm trying to setup the VLC plugin on my DM7025 and / or DM800. I can see the basic settings which are pretty much self explanatory on the DM, but what do I need to do on the pc side so I can stream files from my PC to my DM's.


    Hi guys, now that there's an Enigma 2 image for the DM8000 there must be people who have the box. I have a couple of questions that will determine if I buy one or not. Could anyone shed any light on this please ?

    When viewing a HD channel , is there any RF output ?
    Can it run 2 cams at the same time ? Soft / CI ?

    Any thoughts people ?

    Do you have your own viewing card for satellite or are you sharing ?

    If you are sharing other cards for satellite channels then this method is not for you.

    However if you simply want to run a local card then you can use NewCS card server and run it together with evocamd. This way you can use your local card for sat. and decrpyt nagra1 with AU for cable TV without having to swap cams all the time.

    hi mate. Have you tried making your own ? Use
    and photoshop. Its really quite easy. Change the image colour mode to indexed colour and experimient with size. If the color mode is wrong you will not see the image at all but the size is not important as long as its not huge !

    Also try the tutorial on picons here

    Hi there. I had a similar problem. Are you running CCcam ? If so , keep your servers / clients down to around 20 - 25 maximum. Too many connections on CCcam will hang your entire LAN. I've experienced it first hand. If you're not using CCcam in this way, then sorry I have no further explanation.

    Hi guys. The smargo works fine after a DM800 reboot. I don't need to do anything. My server has been online for 24 hours now using the smargo and all is well. My server ECM is running at 99% , so pretty happy with that. Next on my list is to try tweaking the frequency to decrease ECM times, although they are showing around 0.250 already , so there's probably not much to be gained there.

    Hi mate, thanks for the info. Since posting my last questions I now have it up and running. My server is stable and all is well. Its really quite simple. The key to it ofcourse was to enable the kernel like you said. No other steps required. I'm using the latest GP2 image and its working great. I wrote my findings in the form of a tutorial here.
    Hope this is helpful.

    nofear-tn , could you expand a little please on how you got it running ?

    Did you install any of the 3 IPKG's from the smartreader zip file ?
    What do I need to do in the blue panel ?
    And what exactly did you use for the SERIAL READER : line in CCcam cfg ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Firstly, nofeat-tn, thanks for the input , I'll bare that in mind.

    Gutemine, here's the info from the file in question. What exactly am I looking for here ?

    root@dm800:/tmp> cat control.tar
    ./0000755000000000000000000000000010643000441007701 5ustar rootroot./control0000644000000000000000000000255210643000441011310 0ustar rootrootPackage: kernel-module-usbcore
    Description: usbcore kernel module
    Section: base
    Priority: optional
    Maintainer: OpenEmbedded Team <>
    Architecture: dm7025
    OE: linux-dm7025-
    Homepage: unknown
    Depends: update-modules, kernel-image-
    Source: file:///h/ronald/tuxbox/dm7025/openembedded/packages/linux/….6/linux- http://sources.dreamboxupdate.….patch.bz2;patch=1;pnum=1 http://sources.dreamboxupdate.….patch.bz2;patch=1;pnum=1 http://sources.dreamboxupdate.…ips-2.6.12-dm7025-r6.conf….patch.bz2;patch=1;pnum=1…3.2-r2-…akefiles_for_oe.patch.bz2 http://puzzle.dl.sourceforge.n…hfs/squashfs3.2-r2.tar.gz http://puzzle.dl.sourceforge.n…/sevenzip/lzma443.tar.bz2 file:///h/ronald/tuxbox/dm7025/build/tmp/work/linux-dm7025-;pnum=1;patch=1
    ./postinst0000755000000000000000000000031310643000441011507 0ustar rootroot#!/bin/sh
    if [ -n "$D" ]; then
    mipsel-linux-depmod-2.6 -A -b $D -F /h/ronald/tuxbox/dm7025/build/tmp/staging/mipsel-linux/kernel/
    depmod -a
    update-modules || true

    ./postrm0000755000000000000000000000004210643000441011147 0ustar rootroot#!/bin/sh
    update-modules || true