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    It seems my Netzteil is dying again.... the scart is intermittently cutting out and I had been wondering why my Stab Motor wasn't doing much.

    This would be the 3rd time. I think I'll canyon's advise, above, and get them all changed.

    Does E2 (GP4.4) correctly display the correct SNR % ??


    <widget backgroundColor="background" font="Regular;14" foregroundColor="darkgrey" halign="left" position="217,59" render="Label" size="58,15" source="session.FrontendStatus" transparent="1" valign="top" zPosition="4">
    <convert type="FrontendInfo">SNR</convert>

    the values being displayed within the skin seem to be very low on some channels i.e. 35-56% but picture is not breaking up at all.


    Originally posted by SadButTrue
    the capacitors are soldered...

    i guess it´s better to ask somebody that can do this for you ;)

    Sugar! :(

    I have 2.5 cases of Wieselburger and 1 case of Stiegl begging to be drunk... So, when can you comeover? :D

    I have the OLD power supply (yellow transformer) which seems to have died on me a 2.5 months ago... Time to get it fixed :D

    Are all these capacitors soldered or snap-in?

    I've NEVER soldered and may have to take it to someone else then :(


    Originally posted by mechatron
    Ansonsten wegen dem Problem mit dem UDMA...
    Ist wohl wiedermal irgendwie durchgerutscht das Thema, sorry. ;)
    Also bitte alle die bootup editieren.
    Hoffe wir schaffen es dann in der 4.3. :aufsmaul:

    Thank you for this amateurish oversight... _rolling eyes_

    My HDD crashed this morning (after I upgraded to GP4.2 from GP3.9 lastnight). DM was unreachable via network or remote control. Picture was frozen but sound was still playing.

    Why isn't this posted as additional information at the start of this thread? Or even a small patch released via BP? Not that I see any patches via BP.

    (Oh, I did wait for 6 hours before posting; i.e. to calmdown. You should have heard me this morning!)

    I just saw the following was posted by MMMMMM; the author of MView plugin :


    There should obviously be some sort of time zone setting in either Mplug or Mview.
    Will probably not be fixed before PP for 7025 is finished..

    Would it be possible to display the contents of a files as OSD via command line?

    I see that input files, for wget, should contain http addresses. Hence, wget doesn't seem to be suitable. oder?

    Can I use something like "/tvMessageWindow" on DM7025?


    Originally posted by Crusty Burke
    Using the graphical EPG on the 7025, is it possible to populate this EPG with data from or another XML listing site??

    I'm running Gemini 3.2 as my image.

    Not yet... (There is a team working on popluating and SQLite DB and using MultiEPG to display it & as yet it hasn't been released).

    Nevertheless, you can use this Mv 3.5.2 vor 7025 to grab xmltv data from radiotimes and display it via that plugin.

    For me personally, the TVBrowser solution mentioned above is currently the best solution.

    perhaps, "cd /tmp" will help before you run the "ipkg install" command ;)


    Originally posted by johnbock

    CCcam is all-in-one. I'm just wondering... Why do you prefer this combination?

    MGcamd_1.27b for all of the nice functionality/capabilities and NewCS_1.50 for chameleon capabilities and a very reliable cardserver; for me at least :)


    Originally posted by LesAshmore
    Just for the record, MGcamd would not work with sky card CH4 and CH5 but I then installed CCcam and bingo worked right away. Thanks

    Good to hear you are up and running.

    That was MGcamd with NewCS right? Normally, if you leave it overnight on CH4/five you should get all of the entitlements updated; afterwhich I normally disable "au" and reactivate it closer to the date (for when updates are required).

    Edit : Perhaps, this thread should be moved to the "International", "NewCS" or "CCcam" section (more relevant than "Gemini Plugins E2")

    No, just telnet to the box (whilst it is repeatedly soft restarting E2) and type in the command given bu gutemine above i.e. :

    ipkg remove nameoftheplugin(if fileneme without versio

    and then restart E2 :

    killall -9 enigma2

    it should then be back as it was before.

    Sorry to hear that you box was in a soft loop restarting E2; as I did state I had never used it and wasn't aware of incompatibility issues with G2.4+ images.

    Apologies again for any inconvenience.

    With NewCS_1.50 (even earlier releases) you do not need to setup any serial number as the card server does it for you. The same goes for CCcam.

    My preference is MGcamd_1.27b & NewCS_1.50.

    Edit : forgot to mention there are plenty of threads you can find by using the search button ;)