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    Maybe I can also ask you something.

    In my DM 7080HD, I have the latest image of Merlin in my box. Here I try to install the GP4 Plugin, but it doesn't work. When I try to install the GP4 plugin through Extensions Manager, I get the following message: "0 Packages installed"

    Can you Guys help me?


    The skin is great and one of the only with a signal bar.

    I use it on my 7080 with OE 2.5 and it works great.

    One thing, can you look at the info bar of the pvr recordings?
    As you will see there is a problem wit the infobar.

    Keep up this great skin!

    Guys, i have the latest image of DM on my DM8000 but i can,t install the Gemini plugin.
    I have tried everything but it will not work. I have put the latest one in the temp folder and also on USB but no succes.
    Please help me !

    THE probleem is solved with help of thuis Great forum. Thx guys !!


    Original von Ricardo22
    No, one line is enough for that.

    It can also looks like that:

    <screen name="SubtitleDisplay" position="0,0" size="1280,720" zPosition="-1" backgroundColor="transparent" flags="wfNoBorder" />

    ok, i have tried this but it keeps giving me GS. I have tried other skins aswel but no other skin gives me this problem.
    Do you have any clou what the problem could be ?
    I would love to use your 3 skins and think your work is great, the skins are exelent !



    Original von Ricardo22
    Can you post a crashlog please.

    Important, which skin?

    Goodmorning, Ricardo and thank you for your responce.
    I give you the craschlog and tel you that the skin i use is the evolution HD skin.
    but i have the same problem with te woody HD skin.
    When i switch the sub titles off there is no more problem.
    I hope you can find the problem, thanks in advance !!

    Best wishes from Holland !

    Dear Ricardo, i love your skin but i have on the BBC subtitles crash/gs.
    When i use other skin there are no crasches.
    In the logfile says, that the subtitles are the problem.
    Can you look in to this becouse your skins are great and i would like to use them !

    Thanks in advance !


    I am sorry, but it wont work.
    I have tried to put the Picons on the USB stick, but they wont be reconised in the Blue panel.

    Are there any more tips ?

    Hello, i have a small quiestion,

    I am trying to get the Picons on my skin, but it wont work.
    I installed them on the HDD and the CF, and then go to the BP and then display, but i cant vind the option, HDD picons.

    can anyone help me ?

    Thanks in advance !