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    Bitte entschuldigen Sie mein sehr schlechtes Deutsch.
    Meine Keymap.xml file wurde beschädigt und ich kann nur ein paar Tasten auf der Fernbedienung brauchen.
    Kann jemand das Original Keymap.xml für Gemini 4.70 uploaden bitte?
    Vielen Dank im Voraus! :danke:


    Original von niko7025
    I have two requests/suggestions:
    1.) A Setting to set option "what to do after timer" - so one can choose if the box goes to standby or deep-std. or else.

    Good idea. I've added this option in the configuration menu. V2.80 is online :winking_face:
    I also made an option to make the dreambox go to deep standby only if the event ends during the night (when you're sleeping anyway :) )


    Original von niko7025
    2.) There is something wrong with the comments-element, sometimes - not realted to service or anything - it starts to show screwed up images instead of text.
    Could you add the possibility to show the comments instead in a hoover box in a field on the program interface, maybe beow the timers?

    This is not easy to do, because the button is not active when the hoover box (tooltip box) is shown.
    I don't know why it looks this way but it seems there is a lot of text. Could you post the complete description text here, and I will try to replicate the error.

    Try clicking the "refresh EPG" button. This wil redownload the EPG from the box.

    New version online. I hope I've ironed out the bugs now.

    UPDATE V2.55
    * Channelnames are UTF decoded properly
    * Timerlist is refreshed after doing a timer cleanup


    Original von Trashmaster

    ich nutze momentan die 2.50 Verion, aber auch mit dieser sieht RTL komisch aus (siehe Bild Punkt 1)

    Thanks, I found a bug when UTF decoding the channel names. I'm pretty sure that why the channel names look funny sometimes. I'm a bit busy at the moment, but will fix it soon.

    No, it's not supported yet. What is the xml feedback for timeroverlap? Can't seem to find any info in the Timeroverlappatch thread.


    Original von Trashmaster
    NICE :408:

    but what is this? (picture)

    is it a tab stop?

    I don't know. RTL channel is displayed correctly here (v2.40 and v2.50). What version are you using?

    UPDATE V2.50
    * Added "cleanup timer events" button
    * Option to hide channels with no EPG
    * Tooltip (mouseover) is now split in 2 lines
    * Small clean ups

    UPDATE V2.40
    * Highly improved UTF handling (international characters)
    * EPG is now cached on HDD for much faster access


    Original von Trashmaster
    hey cool, die Suchfunktion zeigt jetzt nur noch die Suchergebnisse an. PRIMA!

    Da ist mir doch gleich noch was eingefallen. Vielleicht kannst du noch einen Button einbauen, bei dem vergangene Aufnahmen gelöscht werden. .

    I'll put it on the to-do list :winking_face:


    Also eine Art Aufräumen-Knopf.


    Sorry, I don't know what that is?


    Ach, was mir noch aufgefallen ist: Umlaute werden komisch dargestellt.
    Liegt das nur an mir, oder habt ihr da auch Probleme?
    Ich hab dazu mal ein Bild angehängt.

    Don't worry about it, it will be perfectly fine when it's stored on your dreambox (check the timerlist).

    [quote]Original von 3c5x9

    Bouqet changed to: Favourites (TV)                                             <serv>1:7:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:FROM BOUQUET "" ORDER BY bouquet
    counting channels...
    [tru:] young tv.
    Found 1 channels
    Read Channels from""%20ORDER%20BY%20bouquet Server returned HTTP response code: 400 for URL:[tru%3a] young tv
    Refresh GUI...

    Your xml files are fine when firefox reads them. But it seems like the java client for linux reads the url different than the windows xp client. The parts that says "[tru%3a]" is not a part of the xml file.

    I've compiled a new file that reads out the xml file. If you post it here, I might be able to remove those unwanted extras.


    Original von 3c5x9
    I am having the problem that it loads only the timers from the box. Everything else is just throwing an exception. The TabbedPanel is empty, no single Service is listed.

    I am running KDE 4.1 with /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/bin/java


    Hmmm, it seems like it does'nt find any channels at all for the requested bouquet. Do you have windows PC to try it on just to be sure it's not a linux related bug.

    I've compiled a new version that outputs some more debug information. Please try that one and post the output here. Thank you.