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    Ah i c but you mean you can't mount a module or? Because there is some compiled modules floating around (tun.ko for the dm...) I was under the impression that the plugin came with the module mind u.


    Originally posted by highwayman
    before you pulled that tuner, did you put a voltmeter on the lnb socket?
    if there is no power then it's probably not the tuner.

    and to remove a tuner you need a good iron and some desoldering braid or a desolder-station.

    A "solder sucker" can do the job too.


    Originally posted by hussaino
    What happen to the images 3.7, 3.8, 3.9?? Why did you jump to 4.00??

    Of course:

    * Changed the addon routines. There will be a preview available by many addons and skins (due to the new structure of the addons we also did the version jump)


    Originally posted by VincentM
    GP 3.6 on USB...

    This is 100% a multiboot issue.
    If you would put your image in flash there wouldn't be any probs.

    I've heard that renaming the extension with .sh seemed to work in similar cases, maybe that helps.

    I was wondering now that there's Dreamdvd plugin has anyone tried sharing the dvd drive from one box to another box and successfully had a nice picture?
    I haven't tried it yet but was curious about results, if anyone has tried.
    Also, is there any mounting problems?

    I agree with your two points it would be great to have plug and play dvb-s2 tuner for that. there's speculation that providers over here are planning to do the same mpeg2 behind 8psk, but i can't predict the future.

    Also i was just pointing out a means of hooking up to some model hdtv displays, going from memory.


    Originally posted by chriwi
    Hello smash,

    I followed your link, but this DMM-Thread is only about YUV-output not about high-definition output, not about MPEG4 and definetly not about DVB-S2. :(

    I haven't tried it but apparently changing condensers and a few settings and it will give you YPbPr, but of course not mpeg4 (too bad xilleon doesn't support it) but mpeg2 HD is supported. Here we have mpeg2HD on a few channels on dvb-s. But the mod is just to give you better quality HD output using YPbPr. Someone trying it out should read the whole tread, experiences, results and warnings about warranty and how to do it.
    Xetec seems to have summed it up pretty well how to do it.

    Are you sure your uploading the right plugin? Check filesize of in your plugins dir compared to 109_dreamset.3 in your dreamset dir on computer. Sounds very much like your using the one for kernel 1.08. I had posted about this issue (now name on my posts have been replaced mind u) on the site i used to mod at with you ;) .

    I'll state my personal opinion of the cw-3000. It is nothing more than a pc in a htpc case. You can buy your own or even better setup to do a htpc with better specs off ebay. Check out mini itx boards with hardware decoders.
    Don't forget the need for riser cards if you want a low profile box.

    Way more fun assembling and customizing it yourself imo and you'll get 1080p if you want it.

    But if you want a ready made one it's a good choice i guess.

    However i cannot compare a htpc to a dreambox that isn't out yet till we have both in hand...