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    I want to make a patch for a small correction in WebInterface Plugin.
    I copy folder


    to folder


    Make the changew to the file i want to change into cvs-mod.

    Run the command

    diff -u --recursive --new-file /home/ganasta/dreambox/enigma2/images/terrabyter/sources/cvs/enigma2-plugins/enigma2-plugins/webinterface /home/ganasta/dreambox/enigma2/images/terrabyter/sources/cvs-mod/enigma2-plugins/enigma2-plugins/webinterface > /home/ganasta/dreambox/enigma2/images/terrabyter/patches/webinterface-filename.patch

    Created Patch file data :

    I change the patch file to :

    --- enigma2-plugins/enigma2-plugins/webinterface/src/WebChilds/ 2009-11-01 19:31:37.000000000 +0200
    +++ enigma2-plugins/enigma2-plugins/webinterface/src/WebChilds/ 2012-09-30 14:21:36.000000000 +0300
    @@ -70,7 +70,7 @@
    request.setHeader('Content-Disposition', 'inline; filename=screenshot.%s;' %imageformat)
    request.setHeader('Content-Type','image/%s' %imageformat)
    - filename = filename+imageformat
    + filename = filename + '.' + imageformat
    cmd = [self.GRAB_BIN, self.GRAB_BIN] + args

    Now i want your help.

    Where i have to copy the patch file (webinterface-filename.patch)?
    Witch .bb file need to change to add the patch file?


    Originally posted by pcd
    Please make the e1 images for 600pvr and 500plus - and test them with BA multiboot.

    Have you installed BA yet ?

    Not installed BA yet, i plan to do that tonight !!!, i have about 30gb empty space, but i can change hdd, and put a bigger, install linux from scratch and go on (that's no problem because with my scripts i make all the environment automatically).

    Hi pcd,

    YES why not !!!!!

    I have to make some more changes and then when i finish with DM7020, i can copy all changes to DM500 Plus and DM600 PRV.

    I have send pm to Seddi (the creator of aio-grab) to help me solve the problem but has to login about 2 months !!!!

    I'm open to all ideas ;), Please inform me with your ideas to include them ;)

    after reading code on extra menu ( i add



    but not work

    The command you write here are for telenet, write?

    i want to try fix the osd screen shoot thou webinterface, any idea?

    at the end of i add

    cp -r ~/dreambox/enigma2/changes/terrabyter/resolv.conf ${D}/etc
    cp -r ~/dreambox/enigma2/changes/terrabyter/hostname ${D}/etc
    cp -r ~/dreambox/enigma2/changes/terrabyter/interfaces ${D}/etc/network
    cp -r ~/dreambox/enigma2/changes/terrabyter/satellites.xml ${D}/etc/tuxbox

    first two commands work perfect the other two does not work

    any idea?


    Originally posted by pcd
    Perhaps you should only do the line for the .sh you want to be executable (not all .sh in /etc).

    aby idea?

    after that change i take error on command

    . env.source && bitbake -Db ../openembedded/packages/dreambox/ -c clean && bitbake -Db ../openembedded/packages/dreambox/

    Attached full log file