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    Wenn 230V eingestellt ist kunte ich in rot 110v lesen?
    Vielleicht ein dumme frage, aber auf jeden fall besser ein dumme frage oder ein defectes DM8000.


    The Satnews Dreambox Team


    Image for FLASH / USB / HDD / NFS

    - Kernel 2.6.9 (1.09)
    - Enigma 1.09 - CVS update 13/04/2005, modified by SDT
    - BusyBox v1.00 final

    What is new?

    - FlashWizard Remote
    A FlashWizard program inside the box, with
    full "SmartSettings copy" available. :-)
    You can install/remove images without windows program:
    FTP one (or more) images into /usb or /hdd, then choose the
    install device, and SmartSettings enable/disable.... done! :-)
    Useful option for all linux/macintosh friends, who like to use FlashWizard
    outside Windows o.s.

    - Smart_Init
    DaVinci Tertia can initialize itself automatically at boot!
    You can install this image (even if on flash), and have it
    full configured with your custom settings even at first boot.
    How to do this:
    1) create a directory /usb/SDT/smart_init ( or /hdd/SDT/smart_init )
    2) copy into that directory your favourite settings (likra, pet, comax, etc.etc.)
    (make sure to copy all the settings files, included satellites.xml)
    Put just files there, do not put folders.
    3) also copy there the "config" file, taken from a properly configured image
    (copy it from /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/config )
    4) Done.
    DaVinci Tertia will boot up and auto-configure itself with all your
    settings: favourites, channel lists, language, network, video, etc.etc.
    On flash-erase, or new install, the image will check if smart_init folder
    exists, and re-initialize itself automatically with your favourite set-up.
    Very useful option for all rotor/multi-lnb users.
    No more loooong setup from scratch at every install.

    - Repeated timers fixed, now working perfectly.
    It's not a workaround... timer.cpp full debugged and rebuilt.

    - Complete busybox program, (nc, netstat, renice, cut, ftpput, and more...)

    - SWAP file complete setup (on/off, size, name), directly from Boss Panel menu

    - Added capability to access usb stick directly from /usb mount point.
    Backward compatibility with /var/mnt/usb is also provided.

    - Added capability to install settings directly from internet download

    - Radegast emu is now working... :-)

    SDT unique features:

    - Flash erase via Remote Control
    - FlashWizard Remote: FW program inside the box!
    - Smart_Init: install flash image with auto-setup!
    - usb stick also available from /usb (just like /hdd)
    - Display stream infos on OSD
    - SDT shell boot window


    - SDT Boss Panel (blue key), upgradable from internet
    - New SDT menu (yellow key)
    - Latest SDT news display
    - Display Signal-To-Noise Ratio on OSD
    - Display stream infos on OSD
    - Display channel encryption(s) on OSD
    - Display current Emu on OSD
    - Internet download of addons
    - Manual install of addons from /tmp
    - Addons manager, installer and uninstaller
    - Place addons on USB or HDD
    - Check /var place, and available free space
    - SWAP file advanced setup from Boss Panel
    - OSD timeout configurable from SDT menu
    - HDD configuration (sleep and acoustic) from menu
    - Gnome 4:3 and 16:9 skins, mod. by SDT
    - Emuboss is now totally software configurable
    - CIFS included
    - SAMBA included
    - Reiserfs included
    - All libs updated
    - Complete busybox (nc, netstat, renice, cut, and more...)
    - Auto-recognition of install place, flash or multiboot
    - Automount disc/part1 usb stick
    - Autoclean core files on hdd
    - Added "restart enigma" (hot restart) on shutdown menu
    - Tetris game included

    - This firmware contains no emus and no keys -

    All Other Addons Available From Direct Download!

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