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    Thanks for working on this great editor. :314:

    I have two problems with "alternatives" in v3.1.0.2:

    1. When you read service type from alternatives files it must be read as hex, not int. I use alternatives for a HE-AAC radio service. Service type is 0x0A. Service types are defined in ETSI EN 300 468 V1.11.1 (2010-04), page 68, Table 81. Error message when opening the channel list in DreamBoxEdit is:


    'A' ist kein gültiger Integerwert für Feld 'altServType'

    2. When you write alternatives files to disk with in DreamBoxEdit they must be written with UTF-8 encoding like in enigma2. Currently I lose the channel name on all alternatives with Norwegian/Danish/Swedish accented/special characters after saving in DreamBoxEdit because the alternatives files are converted from UTF-8 to ANSI when saving. When I re-open the same channel list in DBE the names are blank in the GUI.

    Sorry, but I don't know enough Python to figure out the correct code myself. The only reference to Satfinder I can find in menu.xml is commented out:

    <!--<item text="Rotor Control"></item>
    <item text="Edit Transponder"></item>
    <item text="Satfinder"></item>-->

    I did try to simply start it the same way a regular plugin (like MediaPlayer) is started in MQB (and swapping "Extensions" with "SystemPlugins" in the path):


    But using the code above, enigma2 crashes:

    raise RuntimeError("modal open are allowed only from a screen which is modal!")

    I can't find any other SystemPlugins used in the MQB xml files to use as templates either, so I'm afraid I need some help with the code.

    You don't mention which image you're using, but since you're posting here in the Gemini 8k section I'm going to assume GP2 4.3. In that case the new drivers from 2009.06.25 are useless, since enigma2 in this image is too old (should be from 2009.06.23 or later like I said in my first post in this thread). Plus the drivers ibrahim posted are for DM800, and not the 8k, so don't try that.

    The line you posted is not the full line, so that may be one explanation for the crash. Also make sure you always use a UNIX compatible text editor for editing anything on the Dreambox.

    I will post a pre-modded DM8000 dTV-HD_LE_CN_Transp skin.xml (working in GP2 4.3 with both TTX and DVB subs here) that you can copy to /usr/share/enigma2/dTV-HD_LE_CN_Transp/skin.xml. Remember to always backup the original file before making any changes in case something goes wrong.

    I will again stress what I posted earlier. Unless you prefer undersized DVB subs you should not use this skin with the modified SubtitleDisplay line in new images with new drivers since it will disable the new DVB sub scaling. So try this attachment only if you are using:
    - DM8000
    - GP2 4.3
    - dTV-HD_LE_CN_Transp


    • skin.xml

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    Before I get any more PMs about this issue:

    Especially for anyone who don't know how to find/edit a skin (or anyone else who want the same TTX sub color in all skins), put the attached skin_user.xml in /etc/enigma2 and restart GUI.

    That will override the TTX subtitle settings in all skins and make them not crash (and white). This is only for Gemini 4.3. Gemini 4.2 is too old (and doesn't crash anyway).

    Those who prefer yellow subs can just change "#FFFFFF" to "#FFFF00".

    I've added lineHeight to prevent crashes in any future images with gusax's enigma2-ttx-subtitles-proper-linebreaks-1.0 patch. You should read that post by gusax if you plan to change the font size (you should change the lineHeight accordingly).

    This updated attachment should be usable in GP2 4.3 as well (with no changed functionality compared to the previous skin_user.xml). The latest change will only matter in future images if they use the above mentioned patch (or if DMM adds it to enigma2).


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    Originally posted by Cleaner_2999

    I have the same problem under 4.3. When you first start the files are not, but it falls back into the program. At the 2nd Start running it usually, but not always.

    Well, like I said, it's working fine here. And Aquino said it probably was a problem with restoring old settings, and that he doesn't have the problem anymore after a new GP 4.3 installation without restoring old settings. So that would be the second thing to try.

    The first thing to do, if you haven't already done it, is to update gstreamer.


    Originally posted by gutemine
    So I'm sorry you will have to continue to remove unneeded directories manually.

    No problem.


    Regarding the CD/DVD automount. I added a Q&D prevention to mount rawdevices by simply checking if a device name has no 4 chars (sda instead of sda1). This works fine for HDD/USB/CF but unfortunaltely breaks the dvd label mount which simply is 3 char sr0 (because CD/DVD is not partitioned there a 3 char device is OK).

    I have created a version 1.3 where this exception is hopefully properly handled, because the idea of Mountie4GP2 is just to enhance the GP2 labeling (with rawdisk mount prevention and label mounting) but not to interfere with the normal udev behaviour.

    v1.3 works perfectly fine. Gemini/udev mounts the DVD in /media/sr0 when inserted and handles everything automatically again. Great service. :)


    I don't have an 8k (yet), hence I could not test this part of Mountie

    I know. That just makes it even more impressive how well your plugins work on the 8k. I use BA, mountie4gp2 and Off at the moment (all working fine), and as I'm still new to Enigma2 boxes I'm still discovering/trying out more/new plugins.


    so again thanks for testing and reporting the problem and give Version 1.3 a chance :-)

    No problem. I certainly will give it more than a chance. Even if there hadn't been a v1.3 with a fix for the DVD issue I actually would have kept using mountie anyway, because I know my usage patterns, and I just have the DVD drive to "see how it works", and will likely use it very rarely indeed. I'm far more likely to use USB devices regularly, which is an area where mountie really shines. I don't like DVD/BluRay etc. discs at all (I may change my mind if they invent cheap writeable multi TB capacity media for backup purposes). Files are much more practical, so the fact that the 8k can play most of my avi and mkv collection is so much more important than the DVD drive.

    Some more questions/feedback. This is all with DM8K, GP2 4.3 and mountie4gp2 1.1:

    1. Not a big deal at all, but when mountie4gp2 is installed, it correctly labels the hdd, umounts /media/hdc1 and mounts the hdd in /media/hdd according to the label. However the empty /media/hdc1 mountpoint remains. Of course it's no problem to delete this manually, but do you think mountie perhaps could make it even easier and rmdir the empty/obsolete mountpoints? Just to make the /media dir a little tidier/cleaner without user interaction.

    2. I'm probably gonna use the DVD-player about once a year after I've tested all the features once, so this is also not a big deal for me at all, but I think mountie4gp2 interferes with Gemini's automatic DVD mounting.

    This is all from memory so don't shoot me if I forgot something here (or if I draw the wrong conclusion ;) ).

    I noticed that the new media dialog (or whatever it's called) no longer popped up when I inserted a DVD movie (this is the first time I've tried after installing mountie and I've only had this box for a short while so I haven't tried more than once or twice before either).

    With a DVD still inserted I then type "mount" in the terminal and see no sign of /dev/sr0 anywhere in the list, so it's not mounted.

    I then type:
    mkdir /media/dvd
    mount /dev/sr0 /media/dvd -r

    The mount succeeds and the media dialog thingie pops up. But to actually get the DVD to play I have to enter the VIDEO_TS folder manually, which wasn't necessary before. I then remember the default udev/Gemini mountpoint policy and type:
    umount /dev/sr0
    rmdir /media/dvd
    mkdir /media/sr0
    mount /dev/sr0 /media/sr0 -r

    The dialog pops up again, and I don't have to select VIDEO_TS manually this time, so everything is good now.

    I eject the DVD from the device manager and it's automatically umounted. I pop it back in the drive, and still no automatic mount/popup.

    I now type:
    ipkg remove enigma2-plugin-extensions-mountie4gp2

    I then reboot the box.
    After the reboot /media/hdc1 is mounted and the /media/hdd symlink is back (successful mountie uninstall). I insert the DVD again, and this time it's automatically mounted in /media/sr0 and everything DVD related works automatically again.

    I reinstall mountie4gp2 and reboot again, and repeat the DVD insertion, and no mount/popup occurs.

    So I think it may be mountie4gp2 that prevents Gemini from automatically mounting /dev/sr0 in /media/sr0 (or anywhere else). I've created a user script to mount the DVD manually in /media/sr0 (which seems to be the preferred mountpoint by the DVD-Player included in GP4.3), but the best solution would be if mountie4gp2 could be adapted to not interfere with Gemini's DVD mounting.

    How everything works with a writable DVD I have no idea, since I havent' tried the DVD burner plugin yet.

    Hello gutemine and thanks for many useful plugins.

    I think you've addressed this earlier in the thread, but I'm still a little confused (maybe because my command of the German language is rather weak). Please correct me if I'm wrong, but this is my understanding of two previous posts in this thread:

    First I think you said not to change the BA label on a Barry Allen device.

    Then I think you said that Barry Allen isn't using the BA label at the moment, so it's no big deal if the label is changed.

    Here's my situation:
    I have the latest Oozoon Lean in flash and GP4.3 in CF using Barry Allen. Since my CF card is my BA device it's labelled "BA", and in GP4.3 with mountie4gp2/udev it's mounted in /media/ba and also in /media/sdb1.

    Ideally I'd like to label it "cf", and so hopefully have it mounted in /media/ba and in /media/cf and not in /media/sdb1.

    Is it safe to label it "cf"? Do you think that will cause problems for Barry Allen now or in the future? Or do you recommend leaving the "BA" label on the CF card alone?

    It seems to be skin related. I also had this crasher when zapping to a channel with Teletext subtitles already enabled in lamedb, or when activating them manually.

    The crash occurs when this tag is missing from the skin. Adding it to the crashing skins fixes the crash. I added foregroundColor="#FFFFFF" to Subtitle_TTX to get white TTX subs instead of turquoise:
    <sub name="Subtitle_TTX" font="Regular;30" foregroundColor="#FFFFFF" shadowColor="#40101010" shadowOffset="3,3" />
    <sub name="Subtitle_Regular" font="Regular;30" foregroundColor="#DCDCDC" shadowColor="#40101010" shadowOffset="3,3" />
    <sub name="Subtitle_Bold" font="Replacement;30" foregroundColor="#DCDCDC" shadowColor="#40101010" shadowOffset="3,3" />
    <sub name="Subtitle_Italic" font="Regular;30" foregroundColor="#DCAAAA" shadowColor="#40101010" shadowOffset="3,3" />

    DVB subtitles aren't working at all anymore in HD skins in GP 4.3 if you don't use this well known size/positioning mod. So in most of Kernis HD skins you need to change position/size in this line:
    <screen name="SubtitleDisplay" position="0,0" size="1280,720" zPosition="-1" backgroundColor="transparent" flags="wfNoBorder" />
    [/php]like this[php]
    <screen name="SubtitleDisplay" position="280,110" size="720,576" zPosition="-1" backgroundColor="transparent" flags="wfNoBorder" />
    [/php]EDIT: This last DVB sub mod is fine in GP2 4.3, but should NOT be used with Enigma2 from 2009.06.23 and later with drivers from 2009.06.25 and later, unless you prefer really small DVB subs, because tmbinc has gotten DVB sub upscaling to work now, and using this mod will disable the upscaling.

    It would also be nice to get proper line breaks and centering as in gusax's enigma2 patch (which isn't easy to apply yourself without the Gemini source).

    So far I've tested these skins. As you can see, most need one or both mods posted above. These are very quick tests with both TTX and DVB subs:

    PAL skins:
    Default Skin (from Gemini 4.3): TTX OK, DVB OK
    Gemini_stone2_modern (from Gemini 4.3): TTX Crash, DVB OK

    HD skins:
    KerniHD1 (from Gemini 4.3): TTX Crash, DVB not working
    Kerni-HD1 (15.06.2009 from Blue Panel): TTX OK, DVB not working
    dTV-HD_LE_CN_Transp (14.06.2009 from Blue Panel): TTX OK, DVB not working
    dmm-HD (15.06.2009 from Blue Panel): TTX OK, DVB not working

    You mentioned the default skin, but you were talking about the Gemini default right? Gemini_stone2_modern? Because the actual skin called "Default Skin" seems to work here.

    Tom0000 says Enigma recreates the orphaned .gm files until it's restarted, so it may be a bit more complicated than I initially thought. I haven't verified this myself but I remember Tom0000 as a very competent and bright guy from years back, so I'm sure he knows what he's talking about. Anyway, you'll know better than I do how easy/hard it is to fix. ;)

    Yes, every time I said rename I was talking about the simplerename plugin. I'm just lazy. ;)

    I still think it's more intuitive to have rename in the regular menu, but it's your plugin so your preference should obviously take precedence. The 8000 remote doesn't have an AUDIO button (yellow button is used for audio track selection) but the plugin menu with the rename feature is accessible through the STOP button or long MENU. I think what is referred to as the VIDEO button in your plugin (the default way of starting the movie list) is called PVR on the 8000 remote, so on a purely cosmetic note perhaps the references to the video button in the configuration screen should be changed to VIDEO/PVR or something like that.

    As long as you're listening to requests I'm gonna reel off a few more while I remember them:

    a. In both the Enigma1 and Enigma2 channel/boquet lists, when you are watching a channel and press UP, the list is shown with the "cursor" one position above what you're currently watching. Similarly, pressing DOWN while watching something shows the list with the cursor one position below the current channel. In your plugin watching a movie and pressing UP or DOWN always leaves the cursor on the current movie, meaning UP, DOWN and VIDEO/PVR does exactly the same thing. I would prefer it if the cursor ended up one below or above current if DOWN or UP is pressed (since that's what I'm used to from Enigma1 and the boquets), while VIDEO/PVR could leave the cursor on the currently watched file.

    b. I'm also used to using the 0 button to go one level up in the userboquets etc. It would be great if 0 could be assigned (while showing the MovieList) to going one dir up (to the parent dir) in your plugin as well.

    c. When I was using Gemini2 without your plugin (I think I've seen this in CVS images as well so it's probably not a Gemini-specific feature), I was presented with a menu asking me what I wanted to do (ie. stop, start over from the beginning, stop and delete this file, return to the list etc.) when I was watching a movie and pressed STOP or TV or the movie had reached EOF. With the Suomipoeka plugin installed I'm automatically returned to the last watched TV channel when any of these three events occur. It would be nice if the configuration offered another option on what to do after playback. I've seen there is an option to show the MovieList after STOP (or TV) is pressed. What I would like is for this option in the configuration to be expanded to something like:
    After playback:
    1. Return to TV (Suomipoeka default)
    2. Show MovieList
    3. Ask user (Enigma default)
    EDIT: This is actually an option in Enigma2's Setup/System/Customize(Expert) menu already, called "Behaviour when a movie is stopped", and "Ask user" is the default. So perhaps it would be better to just honor that setting instead of having it as a Suomipoeka configuration option.

    Oh, and one more issue I think I remember running into:
    Adding multiple bookmarks in the same "bookmark adding session" doesn't work. Only the last one is actually added to the list.

    Again, thanks for listening and for an absolutely brilliant plugin. :)


    Originally posted by suomipoeka
    Nobody has commented anything about the bookmark feature. Is anyone using it? :)

    I like it a lot. Makes it much easier to get to frequently used points in a large directory tree without having to create a bunch of symlinks in the home dir.

    In fact, I use it so much that I'd like to request a button to access the list of bookmarks directly, rather than going through the menu each time.

    One solution I wouldn't mind would be for Move and Bookmarks to swap places, with Move being accessible from the menu and Bookmarks from the yellow button. Of course if there is another previously unassigned button available for bookmarks that would be fine too.

    The "Bookmark directory" option can stay in the menu as far as I'm concerned. After all, you don't need to create bookmarks nearly as often as you need to access the ones you already have.

    I've only had my DM8000 for a short while, and even though I have many years of experience with the DM7000 and Enigma1, Enigma2 is still brand new to me. I was just starting to get a little frustrated with the interface of the standard movie list and the various media player/center plugins when I found this plugin, and it really solves most of the issues I had. Thanks a lot for your work. :)

    Some other issues I've noticed so far:
    1. Moving and deleting files with certain extensions seems to fail. From memory I'm fairly sure .mkv and .vob files are affected, but there may be more.

    2. The rogue file remover seems to ignore and files (I don't know what they're for but they are there with a lot of recordings).

    3. Rename also seems to forget to rename and files and also .ts.cutsr.

    4. I had some trouble finding rename. From Enigma1, I'm used to rename and similar operations being available from the regular "short menu button press"-menu. ;) I eventually found it's the stop button on the 8000 remote or long menu (yes, I know long menu is listed in help but I didn't even know what the plugins menu was at first). Even though the rename and cutlist editor features may be plugins, I think it would be more intuitive to integrate them in the "regular" menu and perhaps ditch the plugins menu or use it for something else. Just a suggestion.