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    Hi Kerni

    You are right the glassline 370 E2 skin doesnt have this problem, all the older skins display this problem.

    The nemisis shadowline/Nemesis blackbox make your v370 crash when adding sometin towards the timer.

    Thanxs for the hint.


    Hi all

    Thanks fot the new image, just wanted to say that there is on small bug select timer and push the green button for add.

    The box will crash with the common 10 sec reboot page.

    The problem occurs on 2 dm 800 boxes.

    Hope there will be an update soon.


    Keep up the excellent work

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to bring this to your attention, :em_netherlands:

    I am de the happy owner of 2 dm800 boxes, both running your image.
    After yeterdays update both machine lost thier swapfile settings on the usb stick.

    Both machines where using 512MB swap enabeling the setting again wil display the message swapfile not found. (1gb sticks)

    Delete and en recreate will display the message no free space left.

    To record skyhd channels a swapfile is really needed.

    The rest of the image is excellent and thanx for all the good work.

    If anybody has a solution let me know, reformattings the sticks doesnt chage the problem.

    Jostiband :em_netherlands: :350: